WB ‘Discussing Options’ Regarding Ezra Miller’s Future As The Flash


It seems as though Warner Bros Pictures is currently “discussing options” regarding Ezra Miller’s future as The Flash.

This news was revealed by John Campea on The John Campea Show, and it’s pretty much in line with what other sources have been saying.

Campea revealed he reached out to an industry insider over at Warner Bros and asked the person what was happening with Miller and his future as The Flash.

There have been so many questions about the actor ever since he was arrested in Hawaii for rather anti-social behaviour.

It was reported that they yelled obscenities at a 23-year-old woman singing karaoke and grabbed her microphone.

Miller also reportedly lunged at a 32-year-old man who was playing darts in the bar.

Ezra Miller has landed themselves into a lot of trouble recently


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Things got even stranger with the whole Miller story as the couple they were allegedly staying with in Hawaii successfully filed a restraining order against the actor.

According to People’s report, two Hilo residents filed for a temporary restraining order against the Justice League actor.

People obtained the court document which claimed that Miller had harassed and threatened the couple.

The really crazy thing is that Miller was staying with the couple at the time!

The complaint alleges that Miller: “Burst into the bedroom of the petitioner(s) and threatened” the alleged male victim by “saying ‘I will bury you and your slut wife’ “.

The document then goes on to say that Miller stole some of the alleged victims’ personal belongings, including a social security card, wallet, passport, driver’s license and bank cards.

Will Warners fire Miller as The Flash?


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It’s since been reported that there were multiple calls made the police about Miller’s behaviour in multiple bars in Hawaii.

Anyway, will Warner Bros Pictures decide to part ways with Ezra Miller and no longer have the actor play the Flash on the big screen?

Well, according to Campea’s inside source, they’re “discussing options” regarding the actor’s future with the movie studio.

Campea was very keen to stress during his live stream that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Warners will opt to part ways with the actor before The Flash movie is released.

I agree with Campea here because it would be far too expensive to publically distance themselves from Miller before the release of the upcoming DC Universe movie.

A lot rides on The Flash’s success and coming out against your movie’s star will not be good PR for anybody involved.

However, remaining slient on these incidents is also not really an option for the studio.

The best option – as Campea says – is to reach out to the actor and try and see what’s going on.

Miller is in clear need of some professional help, and Warner Bros could offer him that.

Ezra Miller needs professional help

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With this in mind, recasting Barry Allen is also not an option.

That would be far too expensive at this point, even though the movie’s been delayed by over a year.

WarnerMedia is about to undergo a merger with Discovery Inc, and I’m sure the new owners won’t be happy if they’re to find out that they are about to spend another $200 million on remaking The Flash movie.

It would also be incredibly costly to replace Miller in the movie.

He’s literally going to be playing three characters in the film!

The best option is to reach out to Miller, offer him help, have him accept the help, and then make a public statement that Miller is getting professional help.

It would be good to have the actor then apologise for his actions a few months before the movie is released.

What I do think will happen is that Warner Bros will not be working with Miller after The Flash film is released.

I think they’re just too volatile as a person and it’s not worth the risk for Warners.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think that Warner Bros Pictures is looking at getting rid of Ezra Miller as The Flash?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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