Jason Momoa Teases DC Studios Lobo Project


Jason Momoa keeps his hold onto Aquaman, but he also has eyes on another DC Studios character, specifically Lobo. This comes from Variety only days after there was news going around that he may be letting go of his Justice League persona after Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.

Given that there is not an official announcement from James Gunn or Peter Safran or from Warner Bros DC Studios, this can go any other way. For years fans have been toying with the idea of Momoa being the anti-hero Lobo.

Jason Momoa Could Be DC Studios Lobo And Aquaman

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They even point out that the Space Bounty Hunter has space dolphins as pets, and that is already something Momoa is easy to imagine with. Yes, the anti-hero has them as pets. In fact, they are the reason he takes on missions. His bounty goes to his pets’ care.

In Variety’s report, they quote Momoa saying:

I’ll always be Aquaman. Ain’t anyone coming in there and taking shit. There might be some other characters, too. I can play other things, too. I can be funny and savage and charming.

This somewhat aligns with We Got This Covered’s article though correcting the idea that he is giving up being the Atlantean King. It appears that Momoa is keeping his doors open for two characters in the DC Universe.

Though this may not be new to a franchise where one actor has portrayed two characters under it, like Chris Evans being Human Torch and Captain America in Marvel, there is one difference. It could happen around the same time.

In just five sentences, Momoa kept his claim on Aquaman and teased a possible Lobo project down the line. Now that is a flex.

This month, he posted a video story on Instagram, where the clip has the caption WB DC. According to We Got This Covered, it could either mean “Warner Bros DC” or “Welcome Back DC”.

The DC Studios under Gunn and Safran is still about to release their new slate of projects. That is another story. People are expecting that a new set of actors will fill the shoes of their Justice League. And that includes Momoa.

Because Gunn has stated he means to reboot the Superman franchise with a new younger actor, naturally, everyone thinks it was true for the rest of the team. This got even stronger when the Co-CEOs did not give a go signal for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3.

Jason Momoa Could Be Perfect As DC Studios Lobo


Credit: DC Comics

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There was the general impression that after Momoa’s Aquaman 2 and Ezra Miller’s The Flash this year, those would be the end of their stint as DC heroes.

But apparently, Momoa isn’t done as the King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman. And after his above statement, who would dare come in there and take s… from him?

New theories from fans are surfacing online where they suggest, his ability to be funny, savage and charming could only mean becoming Lobo indeed. For years, he has also shared his interest in the character.

No one is pretending not to know he is perfect for the immortal bounty hunter role. His built down to the curls of his hair is just fitting. Not to mention he will definitely be able to rock that metal chains and jeans biker look.

Do you think the fans would truly get their wish granted and have Jason Momoa as DC’s live-action Lobo? Would he be able to be Aquaman in the same project as him being Lobo?

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