Netflix’s Co-CEO, Reed Hastings, Has Stepped Down

Netflix’s Co-CEO, Reed Hastings, Has Stepped Down

Netflix is changing things up as Variety reported that Reed Hastings has stepped down as Co-CEO to become the new Executive Chairman of the Board. Taking his place is Greg Peters, who was the Chief Product Officer and COO. Peters is Co-CEO with Ted Sarandos, who was the co-CEO with Hastings while being the Chief Content Officer.

Years in the making, Hastings disclosed that plans for his succession have always been in progress. The former co-CEO is confident that the new heads of the streaming giant can take on the challenges coming its way.

Aside from the new co-CEO, Bela Bajara takes over Peters’ previous post as Chief Content Officer. Along with these movements, the company has the new title of Chairman of Netflix Film, which they gave to Scott Stuber, the head of global films.

In a recent post online, Hastings said:

Ted & Greg are now co-CEOs. After 15 years together we have a great shorthand & I’m so confident in their leadership. Twice the heart, double the ability to please members & accelerate growth. Proud to serve as Executive Chairman for many years to come.

Netflix’s Reed Hastings Becomes Executive Chairman Of The Board

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The global pandemic has been a mammoth challenge for any company these recent years. And now that the world is easing up on protocols, things may be getting back to pre-pandemic activities. Although, it goes without saying that things have changed ever since.

Netflix has changed course as it faced new challenges in the streaming game. It may not be the only giant that it was, but a giant it still is. Millions of households still keep their eyes glued as to what comes next at the Tudum site.

Just as many would be happy for new and follow-up seasons and projects, there are those who express their disappointment on cancelled shows without a second thought. We still would like that Warrior Nun season 3, by the way.

While it definitely is a roomful of heads that decide the fate of a series, at least now we know specific heads to attach future decisions to. If previous works would be a peek into the kind of content push that the new heads are keen on, then there is a huge chance things could get better.

Personally, I like the latter months of 2022 on Netflix. The Sandman and Wednesday are but two titles that got really good views, reviews and traction online. Maybe Gwendoline Christie is their lucky charm, yes?

Recently, they unveiled their Korean content line up, which is also not bad. At a significant point, their ways of determining projects seem to work.

Despite some cancellation decisions they made, they even got to add almost 8 million new subscribers during the fourth quarter of 2022. This is a great achievement considering they forecasted only over 4 million.

Netflix Ushers In New Era From Reed Hastings To New Co-CEOs


Credit: Netflix

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Hastings believes it’s the right time to complete his succession. Noting the work that the new CEOs did over the previous two years, Hastings has every confidence that they are now ready. He shared:

I’ve increasingly delegated the management of Netflix to Sarandos and Peters. It was a baptism by fire, given COVID and recent challenges within our business. But they’ve both managed incredibly well, ensuring Netflix continues to improve and developing a clear path to reaccelerate our revenue and earnings growth. So the board and I believe it’s the right time to complete my succession.

As the world kept inside when families had to stay indoors, isolated, Netflix had Sarandos, who pushed to look outward and expand original international content from film, and animation to unscripted programming.

Now that they have turned the office over, Reed Hastings looks forward to being the effective conduit between the management and the board. Meanwhile, the new Co-CEO positively looks forward to the coming years, Peters said:

We’re also motivated by the same goal: a desire to better serve our members so that we can continue to grow our business.

What do you think of this development on the management side of Netflix? Does this give you a clue as to what’s in store for the subscribers?

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