The 5 Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases To Buy On Black Friday


So, you’ve bought a lovely new iPhone 13 Pro and you’re thinking of the best and most stylish way to protect it? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve been testing countless iPhone 13 Pro cases, and we’ve come up with the 5 very best of them.

Finding a genuinely good iPhone case isn’t easy because there are just so many on the market, and they all profess to be the best.

Well, that can’t be the case for every iPhone case out there, and I can tell you that after testing a lot of them, it’s not.

There are lots of terrible iPhone 13 Pro cases. Actually, the vast majority of them are just really average.

So, without any further ado, here are the best iPhone 13 Pro cases to buy this Black Friday.

1. Apple’s Leather Case With MagSafe

iphone 13 pro cases

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You’ve got to start off with the OG iPhone case, and I’m not talking of the silicone one here.

By all means, go for the silicone one if you want to save yourself a few quid or dollars.

However, if you want the best of the best, you have to go for the leather option.

The leather is great to hold and ages nicely over time.

The added benefit of this case is that it comes with MagSafe, which means that it will magnetically grip the new iPhone wireless charger.

I also personally really like the look of this case and it comes in a great selection of colours.

I went for their Sequoia Green colour, which I love.

Purchase from Apple’s website here.

Price: £59

2. Mujjo’s Full Leather Case


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I love Mujjo’s cases. They are beautifully elegant and also wonderfully minimalist, which is why I think I love this case so much.

I didn’t go for the case with the integrated wallet, however, that one is also beautiful and elegant.

I also think it’s a much better solution to Apple’s very own magnetic wallet, which is just a bit of a nightmare.

These cases come in just three colours: tan, black and blue.

I went for the tan one myself and I do not regret the choice at all.

This is the case that I am rocking every day and people have asked me about it and asked whether they could buy one from.

Purchase from Mujjo’s website here.

Price: 44.90EUR

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case


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Now, this case is not as flashy or as good-looking as the other two, but it’s one of the best clear cases on the market.

It offers incredible protection for your new iPhone.

If you want to see the actual phone and not hide it behind a case, then this one’s the case for you.

Spigen has been making great cases for years and is continuing that trend with their new Ultra Hybrid line.

It’s also the cheapest case on our list.

Purchase from Amazon here.

Price: £12.99

Moment case with MagSafe support


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This is yet another truly good-looking case and comes in a selection of colours.

Moment has been making fine iPhone cases for years and they tend to focus on photographers.

This is why this case has such good grip, so that photographers don’t drop their phones whilst taking that epic shot with their iPhones.

It’s also MagSafe compatible which is a huge plus.

Purchase from Moment’s website here.

Price: $22.99

Totallee Super Thin iPhone 13 case


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I love this case. I love its minimalist design and how thin this case is.

There’s nothing quite like it on the market.

It’s minimalist, has no fuss and is just perfectly simple.

The design is super sleek and it’s also really affordable.

The only downside is that this case might not last as long as the others.

Purchase from Totalee’s website here.

Price: $39

What do you make of these iPhone 13 Pro cases?

Are you going to purchase any of them?

Let us know in the comments below.


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