How To Recycle Your Old iPhone X – Follow These Easy Steps

iphone x recycle

So you have an old and unwanted iPhone X and stressed over how to deal with it. Indeed, the best way forward is to sell or recycle it and make some money. It’s that straightforward. If the handset is beyond repairs, you can send it for recycling straightaway. Here is a guide that will help you understand how to recycle iPhone X and get paid for it.

How does recycling of old mobile phones work


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If you need to recycle mobile phones online, there are several mobile phone recycling companies online. They have an easy process that helps you get the cash for your old handset in a matter of time. In this way, when it comes to picking the best one, it will be about the top money you are getting for your handset.

When you are happy with the price on offer, you will have to add your contact details and address. The mobile phone recycling company would then send you the packaging with the shipping address. Subsequent to receiving the handset, they will examine it to ensure the details you had given about the device are accurate. If there are any discrepancies, they will offer a decreased sum. If you are not satisfied with the amended offer, they will send the mobile phone to you free of cost. The state of your handset will decide whether it gets refurbished or its spare parts get used separately.

Which mobile phones offer the most value

Regardless of the brand you own, the most important aspect for getting the highest sum is to have the handset in the best condition. The more recent the model, the better it becomes to request a higher amount. If you need to sell the iPhone X, you can ask for more if the handset is in an acceptable condition. In any case, handsets that have broken screens or water damages won’t get you the best cost.

Apple is the pioneer, and its ell phones get the top worth, regardless of whether it is about selling or recycling them. The handsets of the brand offer extraordinary resale value as a result of the brand value. So it is best to recycle your mobile phone instead of keeping it inactive at your home. It is, likewise, an environmentally practice since cell phones contain unsafe materials that need cautious disposal. You can visit the websites of various mobile recycling companies to get a quote and select the one with the maximum resale value.

Important tips for getting the best value for your iPhone X


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If you need to recycle your old iPhone X and get the best value for it, here are some useful tips.

  • It is imperative to do intensive research, particularly when you are hoping to get the top value for your old iPhone X. The price may differ with various recyclers.
  • If you use an unlocked handset, your possibilities of getting a better amount increments altogether. So consider unlocking if it is locked to a particular network.
  • Clean your handset with moist wipes or delicate material so that there’s no grime or dirt. Also, avoid repairing scratches as it would not be worthy enough.
  • You may not generally get the value you request until the buyer examines the handset. If you are discontent with the revised price, you can deny it and get the back the handset.
  • Some recyclers offer a higher sum if you opt for gift vouchers rather than hard cash.
  • Some carriers likewise offer exchange bargains for the purchase of the new model. Remember that the offered cost won’t be the best always.
  • If you have a damaged device, consider selling its parts if you are not getting the best value.
  • If you are getting appallingly lower rates and couldn’t care less, you can recycle your device with the neighbourhood charity. It will be for a better purpose that will give you much fulfilment.
  • If you have any insurance for the mobile phone, make sure to drop it before you recycle it.
  • If you have the accessories, you can use them as extra. If not, consider sending them alongside your handset, so they get disposed of mindfully.
  • Lastly, make sure to remove your SD and SIM cards, delete your data, and do a factory reset.

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