Stranger Things Season 4: Who Is The New Villain?


The Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things Season 4 seems to be going even darker than the previous seasons if the Netflix show’s new villain is anything to go by!

OK, so, I think many of you have watched the show’s new trailer (I’ve watched it so many times already), and the question on everybody’s lips is: who is that new creepy ass villain!?

Well, I’m here to give you some answers. I mean, there aren’t many answers out there, but I can give you some background on who’s playing the villain and what he might be up to in this season of the show.

[UPDATE: It’s just been revealed (via IGN) that the new big bad teased in the trailer is called Vecna. Vecna is a famous lich and one of the most iconic Dungeons & Dragons villains.]

Who is playing Stranger Things Season 4’s villain?


Credit: Netflix

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The very first question I had when I saw that trailer was, who’s playing this awesome-looking new villain.

At first, this villain looks a lot like one of the White Walkers from Game Of Thrones, which is interesting, because The Duffer Brothers recently joked that they saw this season of the show as their “Game Of Thrones season”.

However, they were quick to make it clear that this didn’t mean Stranger Things 4 was going to resemble the HBO show at all.

That said, judging by this villain’s character design, they have definitely been inspired by the iconic series.

Anyway, I digress. Who’s playing this villain? Why, I have a hunch that it’s none other than the horror movie iconic himself, Robert Englund.

There is a shot of Robert’s character in the trailer, and he’s officially down as playing Victor Creel in the show.

There’s even a backstory for his character in the show, and it’s a pretty horrific one.

Victor is apparently a murderer who killed his family during the 60s and has been interred in a mental asylum ever since.

However, Stranger Things Season 4’s Creel House teaser implied that the Upside-Down (or something in the Upside Down) might have had a part to play in this incident.

Who is Victor Creel?


Credit: Netflix

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Now, this is a theory, but I’m thinking that Englund is playing both Victor and the entity in the Upside Down that we see at the end.

I also think that this creepy creature is the thing that possessed Victor and caused him to murder his own family in the 60s.

It seems as though Victor has stayed in the house ever since, and in the recent trailer, we can see that he’s brutally blinded himself.

At least, I’m assuming that he did that to himself.

His look brings to mind Sam Neil’s character in Paul W.S. Anderson’s classic sci-fi horror movie, Event Horizon.

I’m actually wondering whether they’ve taken some inspiration from Event Horizon for the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Anyway, back to Englund, there will be a reason that the Duffer Brothers cast him in the series.

It wouldn’t just be for him to play some creepy blind man.

No, I’m thinking that they’d want to put Englund’s iconic horror movie acting chops to the test and make him play two characters in the show.

I’m thinking that the voice in the trailer, which I’m assuming belongs to the creepy-looking creature with tentacles, is Englund’s.

This new Stranger Things villain really means business

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It seems like Eleven and co are really going to have their work cut out for them in season 4.

This new villain isn’t just some brainless monster who wants to kill as many people as it can.

This one has a plan, it has a motive and it seems like it has a goal.

This goal will probably be to control both the Upside Down and the ‘real’ world.

I also think this creepy house (Creel House), which looks like the house out of Hitchcock’s Psycho, is going to be very important.

Stranger Things Season 4 will be released in two parts (Volumes 1 and 2).

They will be landing on Netflix on May 27th and July 1st respectively.

Are you looking forward to watching Stranger Things Season 4?

And what do you make of this new villain?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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