Is YouTube Down? Users Cannot Switch Accounts Right Now


It’s being reported that many YouTube users (ourselves included) cannot switch accounts and it’s becoming a huge problem for many people who rely on the service for a living.

This is one of the big issues with relying on services like YouTube, Google, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for a living.

We are all at the mercy of these companies, and it looks like YouTube – which is a part of Google – is having major issues with its platform.

We noticed this earlier during the day when we were trying to upload a video to our YouTube channel (which you can check out here by the way).

We just couldn’t switch between our personal and business accounts on the app.

So, I went and checked on desktop and there was the same issue.

I then went over to to see whether other people were experiencing the same issue, and they were.

YouTuber users seems to be having issues with switching accounts and checking their channel feeds


Credit: Pexels

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A lot of people were reporting, and still are, that they couldn’t switch between accounts and check their subscriber feeds.

One person wrote: “Yeah I cant switch accounts and on my phone, I am completely signed out of my account. Also last week the history wasn’t working and the likes have been weird. I think YouTube is dealing with hackers or something.”

Another added: “No sidebar and can’t switch or add account.”

A third user wrote: “Is Youtube broken for anyone else? I can’t access my sub feed.”

There are a lot of comments like this with people worrying about the state of their channels on YouTube.

Hopefully, YouTube will fix this problem asap and we’ll all get access to our channels back.

I mean, we do rely on revenue that comes from YouTube, and so do many other people out there!

What do you make of this news?

Have you been experiencing issues on YouTube?

If so, let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Elt Ag

    youtube is messed up, side bars not loading pretty sure their authentication server is fried? even this website using google login doesnt work

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