Jordan Peele’s Candyman Gets A New And Very Creepy Trailer

There’s a new trailer for Jordan Peele’s Candyman and it’s very, very creepy. We cannot wait to see this movie when it eventually comes out.

This upcoming Candyman movie is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated movies of 2020.

Hopefully, Candyman will still come out this year, and it looks like it might do.

There’s a new trailer for the movie which showcases how creepy the film is going to be.

Jordan Peele directed Get Out and Us, and he’s producing this new Candyman movie.

Rather than being a reboot of the franchise, this is going to be a continuation of the 1992 movie.

This new Candyman movie is being directed by Nia DaCosta, and this new trailer is genuinely stunning and quite eye-opening.

You can check it out below.

Check out the very creepy trailer for Jordan Peele’s Candyman movie

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The real striking thing about this new trailer is how it’s able to set the scene with no dialogue and using shadow puppets.

It basically tells the story of the birth of Candyman and also how this is all to do with systemic racism.

Honestly, I have never seen quite as powerful a trailer and it’s kind of gone underneath the radar.

I love the way it’s made, the way it’s shot and how it uses interesting techniques in order to tell a powerful story.

DaCosta released the trailer via her Twitter account and she accompanied with a very interesting caption.

CANDYMAN, at the intersection of white violence and black pain, is about unwilling martyrs. The people they were, the symbols we turn them into, the monsters we are told they must have been.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Jordan Peele’s upcoming Candyman movie?

What did you make of this new trailer?

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