Steven Yeun Reportedly Playing Sentry In MCU Thunderbolts Movie


The Walking Dead alumni Steven Yeun might be playing the MCU’s Sentry in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. Just last week we reported that Yeun would star in a key role in Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Although, at this time, we really didn’t know who he would be playing.

Yeun would be joining a star-studded cast with Harrison Ford (Thunderbolt Ross), Florence Pugh (Yelena Belova), David Harbour (Red Guardian), Wyatt Russell (US Agent), Olga Kurylenko (Ghost), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Valentina Allegra de Fontaine).

Considering the main leads were already announced, there was a lot of speculation about Yeun’s role. A few months ago, rumours were saying that the production was looking for an “evil Superman” character. This led people to speculate Yeun would play The Sentry, which fits the description very well.

Steven Yeun Could Be The Sentry In Thunderbolts

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It seems that the rumours could be correct. A scooper named CanWeGetSomeToast has said on Twitter that Yeun is confirmed to be playing The Sentry. He posted:

So it looks like it’s NOT an “If”.

There were other similar reports that have been going around. Another scooper named Caiden Reed also posted something similar with just a couple of animated gifs of Yeun and The Sentry. He added the hashtag:

#Thunderbolts #Sentry

The Weekly Planet podcast also mentioned the same thing. They said that they have reliable sources who have said that Yeun would be playing The Sentry as the main villain of the Thunderbolts movie.

This has not been confirmed by Marvel or Yeun.

The Sentry was created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee. The character is also known as Robert Reynolds, who first appeared in The Sentry No. 1 back in July 2000. In the comics, Reynolds was a meth addict who broke into a lab looking for his next fix. There he found the Golden Sentry Serum. It’s pretty much an untested super soldier serum. This gave Reynolds a vast amount of power.

In general, The Sentry did everything good as he could. Unfortunately, his dark past also resulted in his own undoing. With the emergence of The Sentry also came his complete opposite, called The Void. The Void is powered with the same powers as The Sentry. But it only exists as long as the Sentry uses his powers.

The Sentry May Enter the MCU in Thunderbolts

Steven Yeun Reportedly Playing Sentry In MCU Thunderbolts Movie

Credit: Marvel Comics Group

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Thunderbolts is pretty much Marvel’s version of DC’s Suicide Squad. They are composed of former villains who are working for the government. The team first appeared in The Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 No. 449. They were created by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley. In the comics, the team was led by Baron Zemo.

In the MCU, the team seems to be hand-picked by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Although we know that since Harrison Ford will be playing Thunderbolt Ross (previously played by the late William Hurt), it is presumed that the team would initially start with him.

Marvel’s Thunderbolts is expected to film sometime in June, with Jake Schreier directing. Eric Pearson wrote the script. He is known to have written several Marvel projects, which include Thor: Ragnarok, Black Widow, and even most of the Marvel One-Shot films.

Yeun is known for his role in The Walking Dead; he lasted up until the first episode of season 7. More recently, he starred in Jordan Peele’s movie Nope. He just filmed a science fiction film by Bong Joon-ho titled Mickey 17. Currently, Yeun is the voice of Mark Grayson in Amazon Prime’s animated series Invincible. And he can be seen in the upcoming Netflix series Beef.

What do you think of Steven Yeun possibly being cast as The Sentry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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