Steven Spielberg Won’t Be Directing The Fantastic Four Film


There were rumours that Steven Spielberg was being eyed to direct the MCU’s Fantastic Four film, but it turns out Marvel was never looking at the iconic director for the movie.

This was revealed by Variety’s Adam B. Vary, and he’s someone that tends to really know what’s going on behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Here’s what Adam had to say about the rumours that Spielberg was going to be directing the Fantastic Four film:

Shcoking news, everyone: I’ve heard the wildly implausible rumor that Steven Spielberg is directing the Marvel Studios reboot of Fantastic 4 is absolutely not true.

Interestingly enough, Adam wasn’t the only pop culture journalist to say that this rumour was not true.

So, Steven Spielberg isn’t directing the Fantastic Four movie, but who is?


Credit: Disney

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Former Vulture reporter Mike Sampson also went on to reveal that Marvel never reached out to Steven Spielberg’s team in relation to the Fantastic Four film directing gig.

Here’s what Mike had to say on the matter:

Ok I’m not in the scoop game anymore, but have heard that Marvel did reach out to Spielberg’s team to gauge interest in directing Fantastic Four, but that’s as far as the “discussions” went presumably because SS has no interest.

Mike then added:

Also, plenty of rumors out there that The Fablemans could be Spielberg’s last, so hard to believe he’d want to sneak in a Marvel movie where he can be micromanaged by the house style

So, the question remains, who will get to direct the Fantastic Four movie for Marvel.

Will Peyton Reed finally get his wish to direct Marvel’s first family on the big screen?

What do you make of this news?

Who do you think should get to direct Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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