George Lucas Didn’t Let Steven Spielberg Direct A Star Wars Film

It’s been revealed that George Lucas didn’t actually allow Steven Spielberg to direct a Star Wars movie back in the day.

This revelation actually comes from an interview Spielberg did back in 2002 and it really is interesting to me.

Imagine what a Star Wars film directed by Steven Spielberg would have looked like?

Interestingly enough, it really did seem as though Spielberg did want to make a Star War movie.

However, when there were rumours that Spielberg might end up directing a Star Wars movie after Disney took over the franchise, he was reported saying: “No! No! It’s not my genre. It’s my best friend George’s genre.”

George Lucas stopped Steven Spielberg from making a Star Wars movie

George Lucas Harrison Ford Steven Spielberg Star Wars

Credit: Tom Simpson

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Here’s what Steven Spielberg had to say on the matter in an interview he did back in 2002:

I’ve asked [Lucas]. He won’t let me do one. I wanted to do one 15 years ago, and he didn’t want me to do it.

So, it sounds, to me at least, as though Spielberg has always been interested in making a film set in the galaxy far far away.

However, Lucas was seemingly never keen on the idea of his good buddy Steven making one?

I have no idea why he might not have wanted Spielberg to make a Star Wars film.

It seems like quite a good fit to me, at least.

What do you make of this news?

Would you have liked to have see an Star Wars movie directed by Steven Spielberg?

Why do you think George Lucas didn’t want him to make one?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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