Brendan Fraser Slams David Zaslav For Cancelling Batgirl


Brendan Fraser has slammed Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, David Zaslav for having cancelled the Batgirl movie that he was a part of. He did this during an interview with Variety, and I have to say that I agree with everything that Fraser had to say about the decision to cancel the movie.

The Batgirl movie was cancelled not that long ago by Warner Bros Discovery. Zaslav revealed that they ended up cancelling the $90 million movie because they felt that it lacked the quality they are looking for. They ended up cancelling the film after it had been shot and it had just had one test screening. The movie was even nearly done, and the two directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah weren’t even in the United States when the film was canned by WB Discovery.

One of them was actually celebrating his wedding, and they weren’t told until after the decision was taken by the studio. Honestly, it was a terrible move on Warner Bros’ behalf, and a lot of fans really weren’t happy with the decision. The studio is having to deal with controversy after controversy, and a lot of it is self-inflicted.

Brendan Fraser slams David Zaslav for cancelling the Batgirl movie


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Here’s what Brendan had to say when he was asked about Warner Bros Discovery cancelling the Batgirl movie during an interview with Variety:

It’s disappointing. The fans really wanted to see this film made. I was there, Leslie Grace is a dynamo. She’s like a power Q-tip, she just goes for it! She looks great in the outfit. The movie itself was shot and conceived for a smaller screen in this age we’ve come out of between streaming service vs. theatrical release. It wound up being the canary in the coal mine, so what can we learn from this? Work with trusted filmmakers, like Darren [Aronofsky].

Should Warner Bros Discovery release the Batgirl movie?


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Brendan was going to play the movie’s main villain, Firefly. I was so happy when I heard that he had been cast. However, we’re no longer going to get to see Fraser play Firefly which is such a shame. I genuinely thought that it was great casting. The movie also featured Michael Keaton back as Batman and J.K. Simmons back as Commissioner Gordon. Leslie Grace was cast as the titular character, and I also loved that casting.

There was so much going for this movie. I think that the two directors are also terrific. They’ve made some great movies and TV show episodes in the past. They directed Bad Boys For Life and episodes of Ms. Marvel for Disney Plus. Their stuff is always fun and vibrant, and I genuinely feel like this Batgirl movie was going to make a lot of people very happy.

What do you make of this news? Do you agree with Brendan Fraser’s take on Warner Bros Discovery cancelling the Batgirl movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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