Spider-Man: No Way Home Theories And Predictions


Spider-Man: No Way Home’s very first trailer was released earlier this week (after having been leaked…) and we have some theories and predictions.

We’ve picked out the five best No Way Home theories and have also come up with some predictions of our own.

So, that’s enough jibber-jabber, let’s get onto those Spider-Man: No Way Home theories and predictions based on the recent trailer.

Theory #1: Peter Parker’s lawyer will be Matt Murdock


Credit: Sony Pictures

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There’s a moment in the trailer in which people believe that they spotted Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock.

It’s the moment when Peter is being questioned by some dude (I think it’s a detective, but he could also be part of that organisation Tony Stark set up that basically made Michael Keaton turn into The Vulture – not that actual Michael Keaton by the way, just the character he was playing in the movie).

Right, so in the shot, you can see a man in a white shirt throw down a big folder on the desk right in front of Peter.

This is actually something that Matt Murdock had a penchant for doing in the Netflix Daredevil series.

Could this really be Cox’s Murdock – whom various scoopers have been claiming will be in the movie for what seems like a decade now…?

Well, it could be, but – and I don’t want to fat shame here – this guy in the trailer does seem a little bit thicker around the waist than Charlie Cox.

I mean, I know lockdown’s been bad on all of our waistlines, but something tells me that isn’t Matt Murdock.

What I will say is that I think Murdock will be in the movie. They just haven’t revealed him yet.

I’m pretty certain that Murdock will represent Peter in court, and we know thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trailer that he will be going to court to clear his name… of being tied to Spider-Man…

Theory #2: Doctor Strange isn’t Doctor Strange…


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Yes, so Doctor Strange is in the movie, and he seems to be the one who in a way causes the Multiverse to open.

I mean, you could also blame Peter Parker – who suddenly seemed to realise that by making all the people in the world forget he’s Spider-Man, his loved ones will also all forget his Spidey secret.

(I mean, come on Peter – are you really that dumb!?)

Don’t tell me you didn’t think about this before getting Doctor Strange to do his hocus pocus…?

Seriously, Peter needs to stop being such a gullible idiot in these movies!

Right, back onto Doctor Strange. There are a number of people who think this isn’t the actual Doctor Strange – but an imposter.

Our good friends over at Geekosity came up with a really good theory, which I think you should check out because Mikey did a much better job explaining it than I can.

In a nutshell, people, this Doctor Strange could actually be Mephisto in disguise.


Now, I am not sure it’s actually Mephisto – I actually definitely think it’s not.

But, I like the idea that Doctor Strange could be under the influence of some other nefarious player here.

Mikey posited the theory that it could be a combination of Mephisto and Nightmare, which I think could be right.

Whatever the case, Doctor Strange seems, well, stranger than usual in this Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

Why would he agree to do a spell that is so dangerous and also, why wouldn’t he listen to Wong.

Oh, and by the way, where’s Wong off to? Is this him packing his bags to go off and fight Abomination in Shang-Chi...? Possibly.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Theory #3: The Lizard will be in the movie


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Another theory that I like is that we actually got a little glimpse at The Lizard in the trailer.

It’s the moment where Peter Parker seems to be in what looks to be Doctor Strange’s cellar.

There’s a box behind him and you can make out a lizardy hand behind him that tries to take a swipe at Peter.

But the hand is blocked by what looks like a magical barrier.

People online think this is The Lizard trapped inside the box that you also see at some point in the trailer.

That box will return later on in this article. Stay tuned.

Theory #4: Miles Morales will be introduced in the movie


Credit: Sony

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Right, theory number 4 is a bit of a longshot, but I like longshots.

So, I’ve noticed that some people think that we saw Miles Morales’ mother in the trailer, and I think they’re right.

It’s the point in the trailer where you see Peter in a suit and he’s in front of a car.

There’s a woman in the car and many people believe this woman to be Miles Morale’s mother.

Miles has already been referred to in these Sony/Marvel Spider-Man movies.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spidey stopped Aaron Davis (played by Donald Glover) from buy weapons.

Well, Aaron Davis in the comics becomes The Prowler, who also happens to be Miles Morales’ uncle.

Aaron even mentions he has a young nephew in that scene – that’s Miles’ he was talking about.

So, we might get to see Miles in this movie – which would make sense given that he’d be about the right age given the whole ‘snap’ thing that happened in Avengers: Infinity War.

If Miles wasn’t ‘dusted’, which I am pretty sure he wasn’t, then he would be five years older and probably a teenager by now and might be about to get his powers.

Theory #5: The Green Goblin will convince Peter to steal that magical box from Doctor Strange


Credit: Sony Pictures

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I think that box we see in the trailer is going to be super important.

It’s been rumoured that the box will be what Doctor Strange uses to capture all the Spider-Man villains.

So, the rumour is that the Green Goblin will convince Peter to steal the box because Doctor Strange plans on never letting them leave.

He’s got a history of doing this sort of thing… I mean, look at how he managed to beat Dormammu in the first Doctor Strange film.

So, this is why Peter steals the box and is why Strange is chasing him in the trailer.

Peter is convinced by the Green Goblin, aka Norman Osborn, that he needs to steal the box and return each villain to their respective timelines via the Multiverse.

However, I am pretty sure this plan will go wrong and that the Sinister Six – whom I am certain will be in the movie – will double-cross Peter somehow.

But, this does make me think of a bonus theory/prediction for you guys.

Bonus Theory: Doctor Strange is working for the movie’s real villain


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Now, I know that this kind of ties into ‘Theory #2’, but I just wanted to expand on it a little.

OK, so I do not believe that Doctor Strange is actually Mephisto in this movie.

I just don’t think we’re ever going to see Mephisto in the MCU (thanks, China).

However, what I do think is happening here is Nightmare is involved somehow.

Or, it could be Madame Webb who’s contacted Doctor Strange and warned him that all this would happen.

However, both of these Marvel characters like to either trick or test people.

I wonder whether this whole thing is actually a test for Peter.

I also think that Strange is under instructions to cast the spell and release the Spider-Man villains.

He’ll then trap them in that magical box and this will all be part of another player’s plans.

So, I’m thinking that Strange thinks he’s doing the right thing, and so does Peter.

However, I think they might be a point in the movie where both characters reveal they’ve been tricked.

Peter by the Green Goblin and Strange by Nightmare or Madame Webb.

I know it’s a stretch, but it kind of makes sense to me.

Right, I know that was a lot, but that’s everything I could find and come up with regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home theories and predictions.

Let me know what you think about these.

And also, let me know your Spider-Man: No Way Home theories and predictions in the comments!

Again, we DO read ALL of them!


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