What Does The Future Hold For Spider-Man Movies After Spider-Man: Home Run?

New reports suggest Disney and Sony are in the process of making a new deal for future Spider-Man movies.

So, this got me wondering about what’s going to happen to Spidey moving forward?

What’s going to happen to Tom Holland’s version of the wall-crawler?

Will he still be involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward?

Will Disney and Marvel get to use the character in their movies in the future?

First off, let’s talk about where this new report came from.

It was first revealed via a pretty active Marvel Studios ‘scoopster’ on Twitter called Roger Wardell.

His tweet suggested that Disney and Sony Pictures are working on a new Spider-Man deal that, as he put it, would “please” the Marvel fans.

What’s going to happen to the Spider-Man movies moving forward?

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Here’s what he wrote in full: “Disney understands the money-making powers of Spider-Man while Sony is aware of being completely unable to compete with the Mouse at the moment. New agreement should please many Marvel fans.”

So, what does this potential “new agreement” mean?

The fact that Wardell said it would “please many Marvel fans” got me thinking that it might have something to do with Marvel getting more control over the character.

At the moment, Spider-Man is in the Marvel movies and Marvel is pretty much making the movies on their own.

However, Sony Pictures still have the last say as far as the standalone Spider-Man movies are concerned as they are the ones distributing those movies.

That said, it seems like this has been a pretty good working relationship for both Marvel and Sony.

So, why change it? The answer might lie in the character’s associated with Spider-Man.

The Venoms, the Morphius’, the Kraven the Hunters…

Sony Pictures are using these characters for their standalone comic book movies.

Does Marvel Studios want to bring Venom and co. into the MCU?

Venom Spider-Man Crossover in the works?

Is a Venom Spider-Man Crossover in the works? – Credit: Sony Pictures

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They still have the movie rights to all of the Spider-Man characters, which is why they’re making movies like Morphius and Venom 2.

The issue is that these movies are kind of tied to the MCU, but also not really part of it.

It’s al la bit confusing, and I think that this rumoured new Spider-Man deal might have more to do with Spidey’s side-characters rather than Spidery himself.

I think Marvel Studios might be keen on using some of the characters from the Spider-Man comics in their MCU movies.

They might be looking into using characters like Madame Webb or Spider-Gwen in the MCU.

Bringing in more characters from the Spider-Man comic universe would be very interesting for the MCU.

Spider-Man’s arguably got the best villains as far as Marvel Comics are concerned.

However, Marvel Studios can’t really use any of them.

Are we going to see the likes of the Sinister Six in the MCU?

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review 3

Michael Keaton as Birdm… I mean Vulture in Homecoming – Credit: Marvel Studios

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They can’t do anything with the Sinister Six because the movie rights are owned by Sony Pictures still.

Disney seems to be pretty keen on getting all of the Marvel Comics properties back, and Sony Pictures hasn’t got the best track record in making good live-action Spider-Man movies.

So far, they made two good ones on their own, one OK one and two terrible ones.

Then they made Venom, which people like, but I think is kind of rubbish (but in a fun way).

I’m also sure that people at Sony Pictures would love to be more involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It seems as though Sony has been happy with the new Spider-Man movies, and most of that success is down to Kevin Feige’s leadership.

There is also the possibility that Marvel and Disney might want to bring Miles Morales into the MCU and the new deal could have something to do with that character.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the day that Miles makes his live-action debut.

Could Miles Morales be making his Spider-Man live-action movie debut


Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – Credit: Sony Animation

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People loved the recent animated Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, which featured Miles as the lead.

Perhaps Marvel and Disney want to find a way to bring Miles into the fold.

There will be a time when Tom Holland has to leave the MCU, and bringing in Miles as the new Spider-Man is the logical thing to do.

Miles is an incredibly popular character in the comics, and he’s only become even more popular following Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

The movie was so well received by fans and critics alike, and I’m pretty sure that Marvel and Disney have noticed this incredible in Miles’ popularity.

What do you make of this news?

What do you think’s going to happen with the Spider-Man movies moving forward?

Would you like to see Miles Morales be brought into the MCU?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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