Life As In The Movies: Famous Casinos In Cinema


Let’s talk about casinos in movies and why filmmakers love them as a location to shoot their films.

When making movies, filmmakers do their best to create scenes that the viewers will be able to relate to.

So, it is no surprise that movie makers have been stepping into the gambling world to create blockbusters for decades.

The best casino-related movies have been made in Las Vegas, as expected.

For good reasons, the city is known by some cool names such as “The City of Lights”, “Sin City”, and “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

It’s the perfect place to visit when you’re not gambling online at Jackpot City casino.

Las Vegas gives moviemakers several stunning casinos to choose from.

These enchanting structures glitter on screens and make movies stand out.

In this article, we will be looking at the famous casinos that have been used in movies.

The Mirage Hotel and Casino

Ocean's 11 Casino movies heist

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Mirage is one of the most iconic structures in Las Vegas.

Just the sight of the building usually leaves visitors in awe.

This incredible casino was originally developed by Steve Wynn and then later purchased by MGM Resorts International.

When it comes to movies, the Mirage has been used by over twenty producers.

A good example is the Rounders movie in which Matt Damon and his friends played poker in the casino.

Another good movie that was shot in The Mirage is Vegas Vacation.

It is a comedy movie and the greater part of it happens in the casino.

Also, Jordan Belfort’s bachelor’s party in The Wolf of Wall Street was shot in the building.

Asides from movies, The Mirage has featured in games such as Grand Theft Auto, and Hitman.

The Bellagio Casino

The Bellagio Casino is one of the most recognizable structures in The City of Lights thanks to its majestic fountains.

One look at this casino and it’s easy to see why it is a favourite of filmmakers.

Some of the most notable movies that have been shot in this building include The Hangover series and two Ocean’s movies.

To get a view of The Fountain, check the scene in which Mr. Chow flies over it using a parachute in The Hangover Part 3.

Another movie that gives a good view of the fountain is Ocean’s 11.

But if you want a view of the entire hotel and casino, you should check out Ocean’s 13.

The Design of The Bellagio Casino has an Italian theme and you just have to visit it if you are in Vegas.

You will enjoy watching the fountains flow with the music.

You may also step in to place some bets on the prestige and maybe you just might hit it big like Ocean’s 11.

Caesars Palace

The Hangover Film

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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There’s arguably no casino as notable as Caesars Palace in the world of movies.

Over the years, more than 50 films have been shot in this iconic building.

Some of the most notable ones include The Hangover series, 21, Rocky, Iron Man, and Godzilla.

Not one but two movies out of The Hangover series were shot in Caesar’s Palace. I

f you have seen the first Hangover movie, the bachelor’s party that the Wolfpack attended was set in the casino.

Several scenes in The Hangover Part 3 were also shot in the building.

As for Iron Man, two scenes feature Caesar’s Palace in the movie.

The first is where Tony Stark has a conversation with a journalist outside a casino.

In the other scene, Tony can be seen playing craps in the casino.

21 is another excellent movie that was filmed in Caesars Palace as the skilled blackjack players visited it to gamble.

In Godzilla, the scene in which revellers watch as the monster tears Las Vegas apart was shot in the building.

There is no denying that the success of these movies has impacted the growth of the casino.

It has been growing rapidly and is now available outside Nevada and online.

Planet Hollywood Casino

Planet Hollywood is a subsidiary of Caesars Palace and some good movies have been shot in it in a bid to make it more popular.

The most notable of these films is 21.

21 was released in 2008 and it tells the true story of a blackjack team.

The team consists of expert card counters that won millions of dollars from casinos in Vegas.

Though some scenes were shot at the parent casino, most of the action takes place in Planet Hollywood.

This allowed the relatively new casino to give viewers a sight of its slots and table games.

Asides from 21, other movies that have been shot at the casino The Hangover Part 3, Knocked Up, Think Like a Man Too, and Mall Cop.

There are several things to enjoy as a guest at Planet Hollywood Casino.

However, one show we would like you to attend is Jenifer Lopez – All I Have.

The Tropicana


Credit: MGM Studios

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Established in the 50s, this casino is one of the first casinos in Sin City.

What this means is that it was already operating during the days of the mob and it has played host to superstars such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

Additionally, movies were filmed in The Tropicana as far back as the 60s.

Viva Las Vegas by Elvis was filmed in the building.

Another great movie that was shot in this location is 007’s Diamonds Are Forever.

But these aren’t all.

Other notable movies and shows include Godfather II, Las Vegas Gambit, Vega$, Dealer’s Choice, and Let’s Make a Deal.

Circus Circus Las Vegas

Opened over 50 years ago, Circus Circus Las Vegas can be found on the Las Vegas Strip.

This casino is usually a great choice for groups of people that want to enjoy live concerts together.

It also offers affordable restaurants, parks, pubs, and pools.

When it comes to movies, a good number of them have had Circus Circus Las Vegas as their location.

Examples of such movies are James Bond’s Diamonds Are Forever and Corvette Summer.

Also, the casino has been featured in GTA: San Andreas and The Crew.


Each of the casinos that were mentioned in this article exists in real life as in the movies.

You will also have a great time visiting any of them. But if you can’t afford the trip yet, you should consider gambling in online casinos.

They are just as fun.


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