Pom Klementieff Could Have A DC Future After GOTG Vol 3

Pom Klementieff Could Have A DC Future After GOTG Vol 3

Pom Klementieff who plays Mantis in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy could already have a future in James Gunn’s DC Universe.

As the GOTG Vol 3 ends the chapters of this particular group of Guardians for the MCU, actors from the franchise are being asked if they are keen on taking a dive at the other comics to movies production company DC Studios. Mainly because James Gunn is one of its newest co-CEO. Gunn shares the top honcho seat with Peter Safran and started their office November last year.

Gunn also initially shared that among the first people whom he contacted after accepting the stint at DC Studios was Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige. Feige in turn has stated that he’d be among the first people in line to watch what Gunn will be making for DC. That is AFTER his Marvel engagements.

At the time, the Holiday Special of Guardians of the Galaxy was just a few weeks away from its release. Now, GOTG Vol 3 has premiered in theatres and has definitely dethroned Nintendo and Universal’s Super Mario Brothers Movie.

Last week’s screening had some red-carpet information from the cast and among the most talked about was the possibility of whether any of them are to appear in Gunn and Safran’s new slate Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. Initial 10 titles and projects are released last January, and many are speculating that casting calls are already being made.

Pom Klementieff Has Conversations To Go From Marvel To DC

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During the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Variety was able to ask Klementieff if she and Gunn have discussed whom she would play in the DC Universe. She said:

We’ve had conversations and we’re making plans already. But nothing is confirmed yet.

There is this one specific character but I can’t tell you now. …It’s, you know, in progress.

Some fans were already commenting maybe she will be Starfire. While some people are talking about Karen Gillan, GOTG’s Nebula, fit to become a Poison Ivy in Gotham City, others are also seeing Klementieff as the villainous botanist.

Meanwhile, checking on the list presented as the first part of Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, Klementieff might just land a role from any of them. Considering that Gunn and Safran’s mandate for the studio is that whoever they get for the live action project, the actor will also be the one to voice the animated projects and likely the video games as well.

From the following official projects, the Mantis actress could very well land a role:

  1. Superman Legacy
  2. The Brave and The Bold
  3. Untitled Swamp Thing
  4. The Authority
  5. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorro
  6. Creature Commandos (an animated series that Gunn wrote as well)
  7. Waller (with Viola Davis as Amanda Waller)
  8. Lanterns
  9. Booster Gold
  10. Paradise Lost

Personally, I have no problems imagining her as one of the Amazons for Paradise Lost. Many characters under The Authority, Supergirl, and even Lanterns could be possibilities.

Also, the above titles are just part of what is to come. The conversations she likely has had or is having with James Gunn would be something that they even have yet to announce.

Pom Klementieff Still Can’t Confirm Nor Deny Her Jump From Marvel To DC

Pom Klementieff Could Have A DC Future After GOTG Vol 3

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Gunn has always been open and vocal about casting previous actors he has worked with to other projects down the line. It is evident that the professional relationships he has made with them have many-a-time developed into enduring friendships.

People aren’t forgetting how the cast stood by him after Disney took him off the helm for GOTG Vol 3. Especially with Dave Bautista, the actor who portrays Drax. He has expressed that he won’t be in a Guardians movie if Gunn isn’t directing.

Thus, it is natural that people are somewhat sure that they will see Marvel actors appearing in DC particularly during this time when Gunn has the studio’s top seat.

Anyway, Klementieff even has had experience in working at a DC project in between GOTG movies. She already appeared in Gunn’s Peacemaker series for HBO Max, now branded as Max. While the character that Klementieff did not push any story forward, who is to say that the character will have a bigger role in the next season?

What do you think about Pom Klementieff actually appearing in a DC projects after her Marvel contracts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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