James Gunn Says Only Half Of Chapter 1: Gods & Monsters Has Been Announced


DCU fans asked James Gunn how much of Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters has been revealed and he replied it’s actually less than half. Fans eagerly await any new developments on DC Studios need to keep an eye on Gunn’s Twitter account. Suppose you have a question about the future of the DC Universe. In that case, you can ask him directly via Twitter, and sometimes, the director/writer/producer/executive answers them, but only if you’re lucky!

Many agree that DC Studios’ co-CEO is the most vocal studio executive on social media. Of course, many people are looking forward to reading what he has to say, particularly about his upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie and, more interestingly, what will eventually happen to the DCU.

James Gunn Reveals Only Half Of Chapter 1: Gods And Monsters Has Been Announced

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A Twitter user asked Gunn how much of their planned first chapter of the DC slate has been revealed. The co-CEO replied:

Less than half.

Gunn and Safran announced ten titles under the DC slate for Chapter 1. Gunn has said that the lineup was the initial part of the chapter. It seems as though DCU Chapters equate to MCU’s Phases. At the time, audiences understood that these were the first batch of titles for the chapter. But they never revealed the total number of titles throughout the presentation.

To list the released titles, they were:

The five movies:

  1. Superman Legacy
  2. The Brave and The Bold
  3. Untitled Swamp Thing
  4. The Authority
  5. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

The five television shows, including animated series:

  1. Creature Commandos (an animated series that Gunn wrote as well)
  2. Waller (with Viola Davis as Amanda Waller)
  3. Lanterns
  4. Booster Gold
  5. Paradise Lost

While Gunn did say in a previous tweet response that the upcoming The Flash movie resets the DCU, he also said that the film would only do that for some and not all storylines of the DCU. Thus, even though his Peacemaker is not on the list, its second season is still a go.

Also, the Waller series being a spin-off of his projects, The Suicide Squad and the television series Peacemaker, and making it to the list was already proof that the scarlet speedster’s movie will manage to retain some storylines.

By now, most fans already know that the DC Trinity is clearly still in the DCU as determined by Superman Legacy, The Brave and The Bold and Paradise Lost. And when you talk of the DC Trinity, you know it means the Last Son of Krypton, the Dark Knight – Batman and the Amazon Princess – Wonder Woman.

James Gunn Reveals Only Half Of Chapter 1: Gods And Monsters Has Been Announced

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While they have been clear as the Fortress of Solitude’s crystals that they will be having a younger, new actor for their DCU Superman, they remain indefinite as to who will be the DCU Batman and Wonder Woman.

They have, however, implied that they want to keep Gal Gadot as the DCU Wonder Woman, but even that is somewhat polarizing fan reception. As for DCU Batman, some say they will be bringing back an actor who has previously portrayed the role. Nevertheless, Gunn also said online that they would be announcing DCU actors within six months.

With Michael Keaton already in The Flash, people think George Clooney or Christian Bale would likely return for the role. Ben Affleck’s interest in Batman has diminished. That’s just me looking at recent news about the actor’s prospects in the DCU’s future. And Robert Pattinson will likely remain as an Elseworlds Batman.

Other than the DC Trinity, I look forward to Lanterns, as the Green Lantern really is overdue for a new project. Of course, what I am also highly anticipating is the introduction of new characters from the DC comics trove. Everyone knows that DC Studios has unimaginable potential in stories that it can still tell. It’s just that I do hope Gunn and Safran will do well on their ‘assignments’.

What do you think about the fact that James Gunn confirms they have only announced less than half the DC slate for Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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