James Gunn Just Confirmed THIS Character Is In Superman: Legacy

James Gunn Has Almost Finished Superman Legacy’s Script

James Gunn’s first DC Studios film Superman: Legacy is a big mystery to many of us. Because of it, we are excited to see what the writer-director would do in DC’s premier film for the new DC Universe.

The script for the new Superman film has been done and so far, it’s going through a review by Warner Bros Vice President Chantal Nong and DC writer Tom King. As fans, of course we want to know what Gunn has plans for. Many see Superman: Legacy as the film that sets the tone for the new DC Universe, so, it’s a high bar to work on to.

Since Superman is going to connect the new DC Universe, it’s normal for us to wonder who would be showing up in the new film? Will the new Batman be there? Is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman showing up? Will any of the new DC characters show up in the film?

Now it seems that one important character has been revealed.

Superman’s Best Friend Could Be In Superman: Legacy

James Gunn Just Confirmed THIS Character Is In Superman Legacy

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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During a promotional interview for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 with the  Toronto Sun, James Gunn and Chris Pratt had a jokingly small discussion about what’s next for them after Guardians.

Gunn: I was hoping I could cast you as Krypto the Superdog (in Superman Legacy). You could do motion capture on set and walk around on your hands and knees, but you can’t talk.

Pratt: I’ll do Krypto but you have to pay me in crypto.

Gunn: I’ll pay you in crypto, which amounts to zero dollars. [laughs]

Pratt: It sounds like there’s going to be a character called Krypto in Superman — breaking news.

The outlet also jokingly said that this information is new and it’s a scoop.

Gunn: It is a scoop, I guess.

Pratt: Way to go. You’re fired. Back to Marvel. [laughs]

While this can be seen as a joke, Gunn has mentioned to Rolling Stone just a month ago that he wanted to make a live-action Krypto, saying:

I think I would have an interest in a live-action Krypto whether or not I had anything to do with Rocket.

James Gunn Just Confirmed THIS Character Is In Superman Legacy

Credit: Max

Krypto, the super powered Kryptonian dog of Superman could really be in the cards when you think about it. It would be interesting to see Kal-El’s best friend in Superman: Legacy.

Before I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, it was actually hard for me to imagine a talking racoon and tree, but James Gunn proved to all of us that it can work. Not only did it work, but fans got invested and loved seeing the pair too. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 has even upped the ante by adding more animals that we grew fond of.

Also, Gunn loves unusual characters, we’ve seen him choose weirdly unpopular characters for The Suicide Squad sequel. Again, he made them work. Even King Shark played by Sylvester Stallone was fun to watch. And I never imagined that we’ll see Starro as the main highlight in the movie.

Krypto Might Appear In Superman: Legacy

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Right now, any character in the DC comics can and will possibly show up eventually in James Gunn’s DC Universe. Remember that he had intentions of showing more wild characters like the Metal Men and Bat-mite. Once you look into that possibility, Krypto is not really far off.

Krypto was featured recently in the DC League of Super-Pets. In the film, the character was voiced by Dwayne Johnson.

James Gunn Just Confirmed THIS Character Is In Superman Legacy

Credit: Max

The super powered dog was also featured in HBO Max’s Titans, who was rescued by Superboy. Krypto was kept in a kryptonite-filled cage and was being experimented on by Cadmus Laboratories. Superboy and Krypto eventually joined the Titans.

What do you think of Krypto possibly being in Superman: Legacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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