Netflix Thinking Of Making An Ozark Spinoff Series


It’s been revealed that Netflix is thinking of making a spinoff series of one of their most popular shows, Ozark, which is great news!

This news was revealed by Ozark’s showrunner during an interview with TV Line.

Following the Ozark finale, showrunner Chris Mundy spoke about the series ending and what could be ahead in the future.

This was when he revealed that there is a lot of demand for another series set in the same universe as the hit Netflix show.

He added that he’s not ruling out the possibility of an Ozark spinoff happening over at Netflix.

It’s definitely something that people have talked about a bunch. There’s nothing definitive. We’re lucky that people seem to really like the show so there’s obviously going to be some interest there.

Looks like Netflix is going to make an Ozark spinoff series


Credit: Netflix

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If Netflix really does like the idea of making an Ozark spinoff, there is the question of which characters from the original show will turn up in it.

However, there is one character you definitely won’t be coming back for an Ozark spinoff show.

WARNING: Spoilers for Ozark Season 4’s finale coming up.

Ruth Langmore, the fan-favourite character played by Emmy-winning breakout Julia Garner, ended up being killed in Ozark’s finale.

Fans had been asking for a Ruth spinoff series but that no longer looks like a possibility.

“There are still ways to stay inside the show and revisit things,” Mundy continued.

“I’m sure people probably would’ve been happier if Ruth was out there.”

“It was really important for me to end this show,” he added.

“This is the work we did, we did our best and we hope people like it. And then anything that spins off from it would be its own distinct thing, even though it’s in our universe.”

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching this Ozark spinoff series on Netflix?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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    • Anonymous

      We really done know she is totally gone. Her death was not confirmed just assumed. Hope that is the case. Want to see her back.

  1. Mickey Johnson Vuong

    We hated that the Byrds walked away. They were such horrible, heartless, corrupt people, we watched just to see them get their comeuppance. I thought they would die in the crash and then you’d see an unidentified person say into a phone, “it’s done.” Or something like that, and that would be the ending. Someone, whether FBI, cartel, or any of the many, many people they ruthlessly harmed, would have taken them down. A prequel would be lame, but would be the only way to include Ruth.

  2. David Medina

    Not without Ruth Langmore. Believe it or not, she was the moral compass of the show. Without her, the show ended as a celebration of white, mainstream criminality.

  3. Dale

    Dont bother with a spinoff. They ruined this one. It was a great show until they rushed the last season and it was a shitty ending.

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