Moon Knight Producer Clears Up Jake Lockley Plot Hole


Moon Knight’s head writer and executive producer, Jeremy Slater, has cleared up a plot hole in Moon Knight regarding the Jake Lockley character.

Many fans thought that there was something a bit odd about how the show addressed and introduced Marc Spector’s third alter-ego, Jake Lockley.

The character wasn’t actually seen until the very end of the series, and it was a pretty cool moment, but there was something in that scene that didn’t really make sense.

Khonshu revealed to Arthur Harrow that Marc never knew that he had already made a deal with his third alter-ego, Jake Lockley.

Anyway, Slater recently explained to The Direct that Lockley’s presence was hidden by design — both from the audience, and from Marc and Steven.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

Marc and Steven needed to reconcile who they were. They needed to come to grips with who they are inside that system. They weren’t aware of [Jake’s] presence, so they didn’t really have anything to balance in terms of that because they’re still sort of unaware.

Was Jake Lockley a big plot hole in Moon Knight?


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One of the big plot holes that I noticed during the series was the part where Marc and Steven were trying to balance Tawaert’s scales.

Jake was already hinted at in that episode and yet the scales only seemed to be aware of Marc and Steven, not Jake.

Slater revealed in the interview that Taweret’s scales probably wouldn’t have balanced had the two of them been aware of Lockley’s existence.

From my perspective, it was always Steven’s decision that ultimately balances those scales at the end. Steven realizes that he is the protector of the system, and him finally stepping up and doing that job, and sort of assuming the mantle of what he was always supposed to be.

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