Moon Knight Episode 5 Spoiler Review: Asylum


Moon Knight on Disney Plus is taking us to places where the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never dared take us before. Here’s our SPOILER review of Moon Knight Episode 5, ‘Asylum’.

Oscar Isaac has been incredible as the Marvel Studios TV show’s lead, Marc Spector/Steven Grant (that’s ‘Steven’ with a ‘v’!).

I’ve always been a huge fan of Isaacs, and I’ve found him to be more than watchable even if he’s in a movie that’s complete and utter rubbish (X-Men: Apocalypse, I’m looking at you).

However, there’s something about him in this role that I think has elevated him to another level – you could say he’s now a ‘God’ tier actor. That’s a little Moon Knight joke for you.

One of the reasons why I think he’s so good here is because he’s basically playing two very distinct characters, and in ‘Asylum’ we really get to see Isaac strut his stuff and act opposite himself.

Now, I’m no actor, but I do not think this can be a simple thing to do.

This episode see Marc and Steven running around an asylum which turns out to be the afterlife.

Moon Knight episode 5 takes us to the afterlife


Credit: Marvel Studios

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They are actually on the Egyptian deity Taweret‘s ship and they have to go on a journey through Marc’s memories in an attempt to balance their hearts against the Feather of Maat.

This journey down memory lane unlocks some rather nasty truths for Steven and him and Marc end up being attacked by a horde of sandy zombies.

The thing that I really loved about this episode was that it was a real character study for Marc and Steven.

We get to know a lot more about both characters and we actually feel empathy towards them, even though one of them has been completely made up by the other.

It’s a testament to Isaac’s acting ability that we really see Marc and Steven as two separate beings and makes it even harder when – spoilers – Steven ends up going overboard and turns into stone on the sands of this rather creepy Egyptian afterlife.

Oscar Isaac’s at his best in Moon Knight Episode 5, Asylum

Moon-Knight-EPisode-5 review

Credit: Marvel Studios

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I also liked the interplay in this episode between Isaac’s Marc and Ethan Hunt’s ‘Dr. Harrow’ in this episode.

We saw this version of Hunt’s character in the previous episode, and it turns out that it’s all just a figment of Marc’s imagination.

I especially liked the moment when Steven tells Dr. Harrow that he looks a lot like The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders, because he really does in these scenes.

Will Steven Grant return?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The episode ends in a kind of limbo state, with Steven basically dead (at least for now), and Marc in a golden field of wheat.

Marc here has found himself in Aaru, The Field of Reeds, which is where all the balanced souls get to spend eternity.

How will he get himself out of this field of wheat and back into the real world to stop Harrow from releasing Ammit onto the world.

We’re going to have to wait and see.

I’m also pretty sure that we haven’t seen all of Marc’s persona’s yet.

What’s in the box…?!


Credit: Marvel Studios

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There was a pretty big hint in the previous episode at a third persona which seemed to be locked in a sarcophagus.

The theory making the rounds of the web is that Jack Lockley was the one locked up in that sarcophagus.

We’ve already seen hints at his upcoming arrival in previous episodes of the show.

Anyway, all this to say that I think this was the strongest episode of Moon Knight yet.

It’s really moved the story along all while developing its lead character even further.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in Moon Knight.

The next episode – which should be the season finale – will air next Wednesday on Disney Plus.

What did you make of this episode (Episode 5 – ‘Asylum’) of Moon Knight?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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