Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending Explained


Moon Knight Episode 5, ‘Asylum‘ just landed on Disney Plus and there are many people out there who are wondering what on Earth went on with that ending.

This episode sets up the series’ big finale and it all ends with Marc in a golden field of wheat.

Yes, that was pretty strange, but before we get into all of that, let’s go over what happened before that moment and try and figure out what it all could mean for the show’s future.

So, this episode starts off where last week’s episode ended – which Marc and Steven screaming at a giant talking hippopotamus.

OK, well, it actual fact, it starts off in a cave with a boy yelling “help” and then a woman saying “this is all your fault”.

We then cut back to the office of Dr. Harrow and this scene isn’t everything that it seems to be.

First off, Marc has a broken nose, and his demeanour seems very different and he doesn’t talk that much.

He then take a plastic pyramid from off of Harrow’s desk and starts to say that he feels really great.

Harrow then presses his little button bringing in the guards and they start to grab him and Marc says, “you’re going to release that monster. You’re not a doctor.”

Was that Jake Lockley in Moon Knight Episode 5?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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If you listen to that scene very carefully, Oscar Isaac is using a very different voice from that of Marc and Steven.

So, this seems to be a very different person and I think that this is the persona of Jake Lockley.

We already know that Jake Lockley does exist in this show because he’s been teased before in the show, namely Episode 3.

In the comics, Moon Knight does have three personalities: Marc Spector, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley.

I think that Jake Lockley only comes out when Marc and Steven are in a lot of trouble.

However, we then go right back to a scene with the hippo, the Goddess Taweret.

And she explains that they are in the Egyptian underworld, also known as the Duat.

She’s the Goddess of women and children and the Goddess that helps to guide souls through the afterlife.

She then confirms that this is one afterlife, not the afterlife, and she also mentions the ancestral planes which is a direct reference to Black Panther.

Taweret then reveals that there are many intersectional planes of “untethered consciousness” exit.

This basically means that the afterlife depends solely on the individual in question which explains why Marc and Steven are in an asylum.

Marc and Steven have to be judged

Moon-Knight-EPisode-5 review

Credit: Marvel Studios

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This is when Taweret reveals that they have to be judged before going to what she and Steven call the ‘Fields of Reeds’.

So, the Goddess then takes both of their hearts and put them on a scales to be judged.

Taweret then says that there’s a problem because the scales aren’t balancing.

This is because their hearts “aren’t full”, i.e. one of them is hiding something from the other.

Marc and Steven then go into a room full of zombies and it’s revealed that these are all the people that Marc has killed.

Steven then sees a little boy and he starts to run after him, and it turns out that this kid was Marc’s brother who died.

Steven then witnesses the scene and it’s revealed that Marc’s mother blamed him for his brother’s death.

We also get to find out Moon Knight’s origin story during these flashbacks, and Steven witnesses it all.

Marc reveals he was discharged from the army and then ended up becoming a mercenary.

We get to see what happened to Lyla’s father, and how Marc became Moon Knight.

We also find out that Khonshu was manipulating Marc thanks to his ‘fractured mind’.

Moon Knight Episode 5 is full of backstory


Credit: Marvel Studios

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After these scenes, we cut back to the boat and Taweret reveals that souls are being judged before they condemned to the sands before their time.

This means that they are being judged whilst they are alive and Taweret says that this is bad and evil.

This is when Marc and Steven reveal that this is why they have to go back to Earth.

However, they can’t really go back because they were shot and wouldn’t be able to heal without the suit.

So, they have to free Khonshu and Steven asks Taweret if she can send word to Lyla to help free Khonshu.

But, Marc and Steven’s scales still aren’t balanced and they have to go through the gates of Osiris to get back to the ‘real’ world.

Taweret tells them that they have to get the scales balanced before it’s too late.

This is what leads to Marc’s big secret to be revealed – that he created Steven to protect himself from his mother.

Marc reveals that he brought Steven to life because he was supposed to be the part of him that was happy and carefree and not have to worry about life and his mother and his brother dying.

But, then there’s also another major reveal, which is that Marc’s mother (also Steven’s mother) is dead.

This brings up another question, who was Steven talking to on the phone all that time?

It really does seem as though he was interacting with someone on the phone.

Think back to the beginning of the series, Steven actually receives a card from someone.

Who is this mysterious person?

Marc Spector’s big secret revealed


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Anyway, back to the episode at hand. We then see Marc in front of his family home whilst his mother’s funeral is going on.

Instead of going into the funeral, Marc brings Steven back out, and he takes out his phone and actually starts talking to someone on the phone.

However, he could very easily just be talking to himself.

We then cut back to the boat and Taweret reveals that the scales still aren’t balanced and it’s too late for them.

This is when the sandy zombies come onto the boat and start trying to take Marc off of the boat.

Steven then starts to save Marc and he ends up being thrown off of the boat and turns to stone.

Marc is beside himself, yelling Steven’s name, but in the next scene, Marc is in the Field of Reeds.

This is basically heaven, and Marc doesn’t look too thrilled about it.

Marc has lost Steven and he hasn’t managed to get back to Earth.

What will happen in Moon Knight’s finale?

So, what will happen next?

Well, it all depends on what Taweret does?

Will she deliver the message and help Marc to return back to Earth?

I’m think that she will and Lyla will succeed in her mission to release Khonshu.

Marc will get his Moon Knight powers back and be able to heal and will then fight Arthur Harrow.

There’s one scene from the trailers that we haven’t seen yet and that’s the one of Moon Knight and Harrow fighting on a pyramid in front of a full moon.

This will hopefully be an epic final battle.

But, the big question is, is Steven gone?

I don’t think so, but I don’t think he’ll return until the end of the finale.

Everybody loves Steven Grant and he’s a major part of the Moon Knight character.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Moon Knight’s finale next week?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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