Watch Moon Knight’s Terrifying New Clip


A new clip from the upcoming Oscar Isaac Moon Knight  Marvel series on Disney Plus has been released and I have to say that it’s pretty darn scary!

You can watch the clip for yourselves in the YouTube video below (but, beware, it will make you jump!).

The clip is called ‘Contact Lens’ and it sees Isaac’s character, Marc Spector experiencing some really spooky things in a lift.

It looks like this clip is taken from the first episode of the new Moon Knight series as Isaac is speaking in his British accent.

I think he’ll be in the character’s Steven Grant persona during the first few episodes, and then he’ll end up reverting back to Marc Spector.

This new Moon Knight clip is pretty scary


Credit: Disney Plus

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In the clip, you can see that Steven is being tormented by some sort of Egyptian God.

The God in question is Khonshu who is heavily inspired by the ancient Egyptian deity Khonsu, also called Khons.

In Egypt, Khonsu was a god of the moon and highly regarded in Thebes along with Amun and Mut in a divine triad.

In the comics, mercenary Marc Spector is left for dead in an Egyptian tomb.

Who is Khonshu in the Moon Knight comics?

However, he is then resurrected by Khonshu who turns Marc into Moon Knight.

The thing is, this resurrection comes at a high price for Marc.

Khonshu is really just concerned with his own power in the universe, and Moon Knight really only exists to serve him.

Marc ends up finding himself having to deal with Khonshu’s own schemes and demands, and on top of this, he starts to struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Moon Knight when it’s released on Disney Plus on March 30th?

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