Five More Marvel Villains We Need To See In Future MCU Movies

Once again, we have pulled together another five Marvel villains from their impressive catalogue that we feel could make a major impact within the MCU.

Doctor Octopus


Credit; Sony Pictures

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One of the earliest additions to Spiderman’s incredible rouges gallery is the menacing Doctor Octopus.

Octavius made his first appearance all the way back in Issue 3 of The Amazing Spiderman (1963), and since then he has gone on to become one of the web-heads most cunning and sadistic enemies.

Over the years Octavius has committed some heinous acts, some if his most iconic moments include, being responsible for the death of Captain Stacy – the father of Gwen Stacy, co-founding the infamous Sinister Six, and perhaps the worst thing imaginable for Peter Parker – Octavius at one point nearly married his Aunt May (now imagine that happening in the MCU).

So far, we’ve only seen a small number of Spiderman’s enemies pop up in the MCU. But, with an untitled third film currently within its early days of production and as there has so far not been any announcements made in regards to which villains are going to be featured within this film, this would be the perfect time for Marvel to start planning ideas to introduce Doc Ock within the MCU.

However, if they do bring Ock into the MCU, they will have a hard time finding somebody better than Alfred Molina to play the character, as how can anyone forget his unforgettable performance from Spiderman 2 in 2004.

The Leader

the Leader Marvel comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

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We did get an early glimpse of The Leader all the way back in 2008 during The Incredible Hulk, when Doctor Samuel Sterns was trying to help Bruce Banner.

However, once the action kicked off between The Hulk and Abomination, Sterns ended up becoming a victim of all the chaos as some gamma radiation got spilt onto his head and his transformation into the iconic villain was teased.

However, here we are 12 years later, and we still have not seen or heard from him since, could Marvel be preparing for one of their smartest characters of all time to finally make their debut within the MCU? We hope so.

He may not possess either the strength or the impressive fighting skills of The Hulk, but what The Leader does have is superhuman intelligence, therefore making him one of the smartest and most dangerous characters within Marvel’s catalogue of villains.

Even though he is known more for being the archnemesis of The Hulk, there are many ways that The Leader could get incorporated into the MCU, especially as there is a lot of uncertainty in regard to whether we will see The Hulk in any future films.

Perhaps we could see The Leader appear in the next Guardians of the Galaxy or possibly even in Eternals.

Kraven The Hunter


Credit: Marvel Comics

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At a first glance, Kraven may not look so terrifying. In fact, you could suggest that he just looks like an ordinary man with facial hair, who just happens to be wearing a garish costume that’s made from animal skins, but you could not be any more wrong.

Kraven possesses a deadly skillset that makes him one of the most sadistic hunters within the Marvel universe.

For many years he has been stalking Spiderman and, on several occasions, he has been able to catch him.

In one of the most iconic Spiderman stories of all time – Kraven’s Last Hunt, he didn’t just catch the webhead, he even buried him alive which forced Peter Parker to go through some drastic measures to find his way out.

Imagine that kind of storyline being used in a future Spiderman movie.

Introducing Kraven within the MCU should be quite easy, as he doesn’t necessarily have to be an enemy of Spiderman’s.

He could hunt down any other hero or vigilante, so without question, there should certainly be a future for Kraven within the MCU.

Lady Deathstrike

Marvel Villains Lady Deathstrike

Credit: Marvel Comics

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Arguably one of the greatest assassins within the Marvel universe and one of the X-Men’s (especially Wolverine’s) greatest enemies is Lady Deathstrike.

She is the daughter of Lord Dark Wind – a criminal scientist who was responsible for inventing the process of bonding adamantium with the human skeleton.

Unlike Wolverine who didn’t get a choice in receiving the procedure, she actually requested to have adamantium injected into her skeleton because she wanted to use the abilities that it possesses to help her to become a far more effective killer.

We have only seen Lady Deathstrike appear once on the big screen, this was back in X-Men 2 in 2003, and it featured a very fast-paced and memorable fight scene between her and Wolverine.

When the X-Men finally arrive in the MCU which will most likely be during Phase 5, we can only hope that we may get to see Deathstrike make an appearance some point down the line too.


Annihilation Marvel villains

Credit: Marvel Comics

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If you enjoyed the cosmic-scale threats that Thanos brought to the MCU, then you would most certainly want to see what the demonic Annihilus could bring to the table.

Annihilus is the insectoid ruler of the Negative Zone, an antimatter universe that is parallel to earth which happens to contain unspeakable and uncontrollable powers.

With his impressive strength, phenomenal flight durability and invulnerability to many forms of injury, Annihilus is a true threat to whoever he faces.

But, his most effective abilities are his weapons, like the Cosmic Control Rod which gives him increased energy and the ability to manipulate all forms of it.

The Negative Zone would be an interesting dimension for Marvel to explore in future films. Its eerie atmosphere would look incredible on the big screen and it could provide for some memorable moments.

Even though he is often considered to be more of an enemy of the Fantastic Four, Annihilus could easily encounter many different heroes within the MCU in future films.

Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy and even the Eternals could all get introduced to this powerful creature potentially sometime in the future.

What did you make of this second list?

Are there any other villains that would you like to see Marvel introduce into the MCU?

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