It Scares Off All Other Competition at the US Box Office

Stephen King’s scary clown has come to cinemas this week and It has mas made an impressive amount of money at the US box office.

Who said that horror was a dead movie genre? This year has proven that horror is back from the dead (although it’s always been there, festering and waiting in the shadows for its chance to pounce upon an unsuspecting audience) with Annabelle: CreationGet Out and now It doing much better than expected at the box office. However, after the huge disappointment that was The Dark Tower, people would have naturally been rather trepidation about this year’s second movie adaptation of a beloved Stephen King property. That said, we needn’t have worried since the reviews for Andy Muschietti’s It have been widely positive and praise has been heaped upon Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

It has scared audiences silly!

It has scared audiences silly!

You’ll float too!

According to Box Office Mojo, It made a staggering $117 Million in its opening weekend at the US box office, making it the second largest opening for an R-rated movie after Fox’s Deadpool, which raked in an impressive $132.4 million in its opening weekend last year. It also did well overseas, tallying $62 million, giving the film a total sum of $179.1 million worldwide. Resse Witherspoon’s latest film, Home Again, came in second place this weekend with $9 million, which seems like peanuts compared to It’s $117 million.

This news comes as a slight surprise since the project spent some time in turmoil during its production after the film’s original director, True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga, and star, Detroit’s Will Poulter, had left the film due to creative differences. However, Andy Muschietti jumped into the director’s chair and Skarsgård was cast as Pennywise and the rest is now history.

It is currently waiting to scare you silly in cinemas everywhere now.

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