Here Are Five Marvel Villains We Need To See In The Future MCU Movies

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe embarks into its Phase Four dose of movies, there is still little to know regarding who their next major villains are going to be.

We have pulled together five villains from Marvel’s catalogue that we feel could make a major impact within the MCU.

Doctor Doom

Noah Hawley Doctor Doom Black Panther 2

Credit: Marvel Comics

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Arguably, there is no villain within the world of Marvel comics that is more sinister and evil than Victor Von Doom.

Originally seen as being the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four, over the years Doom has faced almost every major hero within the Marvel universe.

He’s had epic encounters with the likes of Spiderman, The Avengers and even the X-Men.

What makes Doom so menacing is the fact that he is quite possibly the smartest man on the entire planet.

Over the course of his publication history he has created thousands of his own doombots – robots with high-strength and equipped full of lasers and missiles.

These machines could certainly give some of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits a run for their money.

With the movie rights for the Fantastic Four now being a part of Disney, this does give Marvel a huge opportunity to incorporate Dr Doom in some of their future films.

Perhaps we could see him debut in one of the movies in Phase Four, or they may possibly just save him for when the Fantastic Four arrive in the MCU.

Either way, Dr Doom has the potential to become one of the biggest villains that we have ever seen in the MCU.



Credit: 20th Century Fox

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With the X-Men set to debut in the MCU some time over the next several years, it would be an absolute crime if we did not get to see Apocalypse make an appearance too.

The sadistic character was originally born during the ancient times, under the name of En Sabah Nur making him one of the worlds very first mutants.

Because of his immortality and his unpredictable power portfolio, Apocalypse is quite possibly the most dangerous villain to ever exist within Marvel comics.

His mutant abilities allow him to control his form in any way that he wishes, which even includes transforming his limbs into weapons and regenerating damaged and broken parts of his body.

Over the course of his publication history, Apocalypse has formed armies and brought devastation and destruction anywhere that he roams. He is most known for causing major problems for the X-Men.

Apocalypse did make his way to the big screen in 2016 in X-Men: Apocalypse, however, the film did not do the character much justice as he was beaten far too easily in comparison to other foes that the X-Men had encountered in previous instalments.

A powerful mutant like Apocalypse needs to be presented as being practically unbeatable.

Norman Osborn

Marvel MCU Villains

Credit: Sony Pictures

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The fact that the Osborn family have never been mentioned in any form within the MCU yet, including the two Spiderman films, is an absolute crime, or perhaps a suspicious hint that they’re planning something huge for the future.

Norman Osborn is better known by many as being the Green Goblin, the archnemesis of Spiderman.

In the comic books, Osborn was responsible for making Peter Parker’s life a complete hell.

He was the first person to find out that he was Spiderman.

But, perhaps his most heinous act was when he killed Parker’s long-term love interest, Gwen Stacy.

However, there is much more to Osborn than the Green Goblin.

He is, in fact, a powerful scientist, inventor and owner of the tech corporation – Oscorp, where he designed and created the Goblin suit and its infamous glider.

Osborn has appeared in previous Spiderman movies; many diehard fans will remember William Dafoe’s unforgettable performance of the character in the first instalment of the Sam Rami trilogy.

It would be very hard to find someone better than Dafoe to play the character, but that’s a daring risk that the MCU should hopefully be willing to take.


galactus marvel villains mcu

Credit: Marvel Comics

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Dr Doom may be the Fantastic Fours archnemesis, but Galactus is by far their biggest enemy, and arguably one of, if not the biggest threat there has ever been within the Marvel universe.

Formerly a mortal man, Galactus became a cosmic entity who consumes planets which helps to sustain his life force.

Even though he has had many encounters with the Fantastic Four over the years, Galactus has become a major villain across the entire Marvel universe.

He’s been involved in major events like the Secret Wars and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Galactus was briefly featured on the big screen in 2007 in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but it was not well received from fans.

The character was barely seen as much of a threat.

He was just a clouded figure, instead of the gigantic monster that he should have been.

Now that the FF are officially back in Marvel, we have a chance to finally see the real Galactus that we all know and love.

Looking back at how impactful Thanos was within the MCU, just imagine what they could do with Galactus.

It’s exciting just thinking about it.


Could Bruce Campbell cameo as Mephisto in Doctor Strange 2

Credit: Marvel Comics

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Arguably the scariest villain to exist within the Marvel universe is the powerful, shapeshifting demon known as Mephisto.

There is little to know regarding his origin, however, it has always been suggested that it lies with the primordial Elder-Gods who ruled earth many centuries ago.

Mephisto has always been represented as being Marvel’s version of The Devil, as he rules his own realm, which is home to many other demons and monsters, therefore making it the closest thing to hell itself.

Much like Dr Doom, Mephisto has been an enemy to almost every major hero within the Marvel universe.

He’s clashed with Spiderman, Silver Surfer, The Avengers and even the X-Men.

If Mephisto was to be introduced within the MCU, it could only work if they were willing to go down the route of horror.

Mephisto needs to be terrifying and memorable, and unlike anything we’ve seen before, otherwise, the character just won’t fully deliver.

There have been some rumours in regard to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, with director Sam Rami hoping to make it Marvel’s first horror film.

If that is the case, then this would be the perfect way for Mephisto to get introduced to the MCU.

What do you make of this list?

Are there any Marvel villains you think should be brought into the MCU?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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