7 Things His Dark Materials Fans Want To See In Season 2

Airing later this year, the second season of His Dark Materials will finally be underway.

Originally adapted by Bad Wolf Productions, HBO and the BBC have aired the episodes so far in the US and the UK.

Season One – an adaptation of The Northern Lights – aired last year to great acclaim.

Season two – an adaptation of The Subtle Knife, the second book in the His Dark Materials trilogy – is due to air in the UK in November.

But what do ardent Phillip Pullman fans, who have read the books, want to see covered in season two?

Well, luckily, I have compiled a list – and it goes beyond the majestic trailers that dropped recently.

Note: there are spoilers beyond this point.

1. Lee Scorsbey dies

His Dark Materials centres around the character of rambunctious, slightly feral Lyra Belacqua, and what is predicted to be ‘the prophecy’ – that the “child has come”, as the witches of her world so enigmatically predict, even intone.

What is sometimes forgotten, however, is how bloody awful her parents are – one a charismatic, manipulative father, another an arrogant yet beautiful mother.

Lee Scoresby may be but a humble aeronaut – and a pretty good one at that – but he takes Lyra, who he refers to several times as ‘the little girl’, under his wing. His premise?

That she hasn’t had the best start in life – with her downright awful parents – and he’d like to make that up to her.

The official UK Instagram account even had a photo of Dafne Keen and Lin Manuel Miranda – with the caption: “Name a better duo. We’ll wait..”

In The Subtle Knife, Lee dies in an almighty shoot-out, because he protects the “little girl” – his little girl, the child he never had – and to get her a weapon that’ll ultimately protect her against events in the third book, The Amber Spyglass.

Compared to other characters, his intentions are only pure – and I admire the character for his approach of ‘do all I can or die trying’.

We just need a couple of stylishly executed gunshots and daemon Hester shouting “get ‘em Lee!” to see Scoresby at his best.

2. Spectres

Season One of His Dark Materials sinisterly suggested that “in every child’s nightmare, there is an element of truth.”

The Subtle Knife brings this to life in true creepy fashion – but it needs to be brought to screen, in order to become, well, ‘real’.

Invisible yet deadly, these creatures do not attack pre-adolescents, and the mystery of dust is what connects these creatures to the plot.

However, they do attack adults – leaving them immobile, and pretty much devoid of life.

One town where Lyra and Will eventually meet for the first time is completely free of adults, having been overrun with the ghostly apparitions.

How will they be brought to life on screen? Who knows.

But these creatures are going to take this series up to another level, if created well enough on screen.

3. The Witches – and their Queen

In my humble opinion, the witches form the best part of the His Dark Materials trilogy – and a lot of the unfolding dramatics of the story centre around them.

Divided into clan demographics, they are known for their beauty, as well as living for centuries.

Clans have a queen, and their personalities are reflected in a crown they have fashioned.

Serafina Pekkala has already made an appearance – and the time has come for Jade Anouka to appear as Ruta Skadi.

Because who wouldn’t want to be a badass witch, complete with a bow and the ability to fly?!

And never cross a witch – they have very different morals to us humans.

4. Who is Will Parry?


Credit: HBO

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Dressed in her jewelled suits to be combat-ready, Ruth Wilson as Mrs Coulter cryptically asked “Who is Lyra Belacqua?”

And a member of the Magisterium, complete with the book of readings, spent an agonisingly long amount of time asking his Alethiometer.

But the same could be asked of a new character; just who is Will Parry?

Years had passed since I read the books, when I saw season one for the first time; along with a few other viewers, I was left feeling confused as to who this person, this nameless, seemingly random individual was.

But all will be revealed soon.

5. And what about Stanislaus Grumman?

In all his dashing arrogance and charismatic power, topped off with an almost seductive Deamon played by Helen McCroy, James McAvoy’s character of Lord Asriel makes fleeting reference to a severed head.

Purported to be that of one Stanislaus Grumman, it makes up maybe ten minutes, if that, of the dialogue.

But he is more significant than that – as there is a shock twist. And it’s the sexy priest who carries this off… (Hello, Phoebe Waller Bridge!)

6. Mary Malone

A lot of the books revolve around religious imagery – and the author himself has commented on this.

However, it can be confusing at times – and more screen time is needed to explain some themes central to the plot, and in the book.

The different worlds eventually become explainable – and almost scientific.

Mary Malone begins as a secondary character, introduced later on in the second half of the book – but she takes a central role in book three.

And she is key to understanding what the frick dust is…

7. Angels

His Dark Materials Season 2 HBO

Credit: HBO

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Season one shows glimpses of season two – so therefore, we should assume the same can be said for when season two airs.

At the end of The Subtle Knife, two gay angels are awaiting to guide Will Parry to Lord Asriel. Lyra is missing – and she has got to be found. She has been kidnapped – but by who?

And how will she be found? Is she okay? And what about the people who want to find and destroy her?

And along the way, there are some vaguely amusing interludes – because who would have thought stroppy angels were ‘a thing’?

What do you make of this list?

What would you like to see in His Dark Materials Season 2?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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