Marvel Studios Filing Hints At New Daredevil Solo Series


A new filing from Marvel Studios has indicated that they might be working on a new Daredevil series.

As reported by Murphy’s Multiverse, a little less than two weeks ago, a new Marvel LLC was formed.

Its name? Blind Faith Productions LLC.

Marvel Studios Filing Hints At New Daredevil Solo Series

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Now, if we know two things about Matt Murdock, we know that he’s blind and he’s a man of faith.

It sounds pretty much like this is Marvel laying the groundwork for a new Daredevil series.

Of course, this could be some clever misdirection on Marvel’s part, so we should take this with some caution.

However, given Charlie Cox reprised his role in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it stands to reason that the character will appear in future MCU projects in the coming years.

But how long will we have to wait for a new Daredevil series?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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We could, possibly see him on our screens again, as soon as this year’s She-Hulk.

Plus with Vincent D’Onofrio also reprising his role as Kingpin in Hawkeye, it stands to reason that Marvel could be planning to reintegrate the other characters from the Netflix shows.

Fingers crossed we get some official announcements soon.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Marvel is planning a new Daredevil series?

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