Neil Gaiman Reveals Lucifer Ending After Season 5 Is Not Due To Netflix’s Sandman Series

Lucifer is ending with Season 5 and that is pretty upsetting, and some fans have pointed the finger of blame at the upcoming Sandman series.

It was revealed a while back that Netflix won the rights to the Sandman series which is another comic book series written by Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman also wrote the Sandman comics, and some fans have been wondering whether Netflix decided to end Lucifer at Season 5.

However, the author has since come out and revealed that these rumours are not true.

Here’s what Neil Gaiman was asked by a Lucifer fan on Twitter: “Neil Gaiman Hello Mr @neilhimself, Some Lucifans believe you are the reason why Netflix ends #Lucifer, to promote Sandman instead. But Lucifer comes from you too! Please, tell me it is not true, or, if it is, that it is Netflix’s decision and not yours. Thank you, Best regards.”

Lucifer ending doesn’t have anything to do with the Sandman series

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Rather surprisingly, Neil Gaiman replied to the fan. He revealed that Lucifer ending with Season 5 has nothing to do with the Sandman series.

Here’s what he had to say about it: “It was announced by Netflix when they rescued Lucifer that it would be ending at the end of Season 5. This was well over a year before Netflix won the auction for Sandman.”

What do you think? Do you think Lucifer ending with Season 5 has anything to do with the Sandman series about to air on Netflix?

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