Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’s Best Duos


When you think of The Lord of the Rings or The Rings of Power, what comes into your mind? What I personally think of are beautiful landscapes, epic quests, awesome action sequences but also tender emotions, lovable characters and badass villains.

But I recently realized what my absolute favourite aspect of this lore was. Beyond the stunning visuals and the cool fights, what moves me the most are the relationships between the characters. I realised that at the end of the day, the strongest assets of this lore are the beautiful friendships that are showcased. The Lord of the Rings did it beautifully, and The Rings of Power continued the legacy.

Here are all the duos that we can’t help but love in Amazon’s The Rings of Power!

Elrond and Durin


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This must be *the* duo of the entire show, the most beloved and talked about friendship is definitely the elf and the dwarf. Their brotherhood has been developed throughout the first season, and I can’t help but smile when the two are together onscreen.

What really does it for me is the fact that we’re not really used to seeing a dwarf be so soft towards someone. We’ve seen the dwarfs as being the toughest race of Middle Earth, usually rather serious and grumpy. Here, we get to see Durin cry for his friend and show real tenderness toward his brother Elf – which made me cry, and I’m not even embarrassed to say it.

We did see another amazing elf-dwarf relationship in The Lord of the Rings, with Legolas and Gimli. But I think their relationship was really different, as we got to see them go from frustration towards one another to playful camaraderie and respect by the end of the trilogy. So not quite the same bond as Elrond and Durin’s emotional brotherhood.

Durin and Disa


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Besides finding the greatest friend in Elrond, Durin definitely has the most brilliant, wise, gentle and supporting wife: Disa. The Durin/Disa duo makes my heart melt and my smile stretch like an idiot. Who doesn’t want to have a relationship like theirs? They bring each other up, and no matter what happens, Disa remains her husband’s first supporter and counsellor.

As I said, we’re used to seeing dwarves acting tough and grumpy, so getting to see loving, tender dwarves is so refreshing and adds even more depth to them.

Galadriel and Halbrand


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The two most badass, noble, royal characters of the show, and you have them become friends. What else to expect than a beautiful, authentic friendship that everyone will stan? On the one hand, Galadriel: a fearless, wise and heroic commander of the Elves. On the other, Halbrand. Lost king of the human race, brave, strong, and deeply admiring of Galadriel. He’ll follow her through every obstacle, just like Galadriel would for him. The two fighters and leaders hold such a strong, pure loyalty to each other, it makes me tear up every time.

Miriel and Galadriel


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Two women that everything opposed in the first place, they later overcome their differences and quarrels for the sake of Middle-Earth. From being suspicious and hesitant to follow Gladriel to war, Miriel gets to a state of unstoppable determination to keep going alongside the commander. She wants to keep tracking the enemy and finish what they started, to the surprise and emotion of Galadriel, who seems full of gratitude for the Queen of Nùmenor. We love two powerful and supportive queens.

Arondir and Bronwyn


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Just like The Lord of The Rings gave us a human/elf romance with Aragorn and Arwen, The Rings of Power now showcases a beautiful couple with Arondir and Bronwyn. During the rare moments the noble elf and the courageous human aren’t fighting for their lives, they share tender scenes full of poetry and beauty. Scenes that make us wish they’ll get to live happily ever after on a farm somewhere hidden far away in Middle Earth.

Nori and Mary


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They’re in some way the new Frodo and Sam. The two little harfoots go from trouble to trouble to survive their journey, and no matter how dangerous the situation is, the two will always be found together.

Nori and the Stranger


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From the moment Nori finds the mysterious stranger, she develops a special relationship with the giant, who slowly becomes her friend while everyone else seems to be scared of him. She offers him shelter among her family, and even if the two barely speak to each other, a lot of gentleness and softness can be felt between the two. They both want to help the other, all while being on a personal journey, which is truly heartwarming.

Did you notice anything about these relationships? Most of them bring people of different races together, which conveys a beautiful message, don’t you think?

A dwarf helping an elf, a harfoot helping a sorcerer, a human falling in love with an elf, a human queen and an elf commander working together… The core message of The Lord of The Rings is genuinely respected in Rings of Power: The only solution to evil is to bring people from different races to work together. And that’s my favourite part of this entire saga.

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