John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan Amazon Series Ending With Season 4


It’s been revealed that Amazon Studios’ Jack Ryan series starring John Krasinski will end after Season 4 which means that we’re going to have two more seasons of the show to come.

According to a new report from DeadlineJack Ryan will end with Season 4.

This will finish up Krasinski’s run as Tom Clancy’s iconic literary character.

The good news is that fans of the show will still have two more seasons of the show to enjoy before it comes to an end.

However, this might not spell the end of Tom Clancy properties turning up on Amazon Prime Video.

Deadline’s report suggested that Michael Pena’s mystery Season 4 character is actually Ding Chavez.

Chavez is a pretty famous name in the Jack Ryan literally universe.

It’s already been revealed that there are currently discussions going on inside Amazon Studios to give Ding his own spinoff series after Jack Ryan comes to an end.

Jon Krasinski’s Jack Ryan series will end with Season 4


Credit: Amazon Studios

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Michael Pena’s character is set to be introduced to the series in the final episode of Jack Ryan Season 3.

It’s been revealed that he’s going to play an important part in the fourth season of the show:

“When you do something like this, it was a very narrow target. I realized that as good as wrote the show, if we didn’t get the right guy, the show wasn’t gonna work,” original Jack Ryan producer Carlton Cuse explained in a previous interview.

“And you need to find a guy who’s a leading man, who is vulnerable, who has got a big brain — because that’s Jack Ryan’s superpower, is his brain — plus he’s gotta be a believable action guy, [and] we wrote the character with charm. I mean, the more characteristics you add, the shorter the list gets of guys that can do it. And John was the guy who we felt embodied everything we wanted in the character.”

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Are you looking forward to seeing two more seasons of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video?

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