Joker 2 Movie Gets A Fall 2024 Release Date


Warner Bros Discovery has set a fall 2024 release date for Todd Phillips’ upcoming DC Films Joker 2 movie (Joker: Folie A Deux). This news was revealed by Deadline in a recent exclusive article.

It was revealed not too long ago that Phillips was going to be writing and directing a Joker sequel. The movie is going to star Joaquin Phoenix who’ll be back as Arthur Fleck.

He’ll also be joined by Lady Gaga in the movie. She’ll be playing a version of Harley Quinn, aka Harleen Quinzel. There’s still no news on any of the other actors who’ll be in the movie.

Joker 2 is going to be released in 2024


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Joker sequel is now going to be released on  October 4th, 2024. Hopefully, the movie will be able to stick to that release date and won’t be cancelled by Warner Bros Discovery before it’s released.

There’s now a lot of questions surrounding Warner Bros. Pictures after the recent merger with Discovery. The whole company is now under the leadership of David Zaslav, and he’s proven to be something of a ruthless leader.

Zaslav has been cancelling movies and TV shows left, right and centre. He started off by cancelling projects such as The Wonder Twins, and he then cancelled the Batgirl movie, and people are very worried about other DC Films projects such as the Blue Beetle movie.

Joker 2 will star Joaquim Phoenix and Lady Gaga


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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However, I’m pretty certain that Joker: Folie A Deux won’t be cancelled by Warner Bros Discovery. When Zaslav took over as CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, it was revealed that he approached Todd Phillips to be the steward of the future DC Comics movies.

It sounds as though Zaslav has a lot of faith in Phillips, and I’m sure he would love him to replicate the success of his first Joker movie.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Joker 2 when it’s released in 2024? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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