Johnny Depp Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Happening?


It’s been revealed that the Margot Robbie Pirates Of The Caribbean movie has been cancelled, which has led many people to wonder whether a Johnny Depp Pirates film might be back on track at Disney. This comes after Robbie’s interview with Vanity Fair.

During the interview with Vanity Fair, Robbie revealed that her Pirates movie is “dead in the water” over at Disney. It seems as though the movie has been cancelled by the studio. Here’s what Robbie had to say on the matter:

We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led — not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story — which we thought would’ve been really cool, but I guess they don’t want to do it.

Johnny Depp’s Pirates Of The Caribbean movie might be back on


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So, Disney doesn’t want to do the Margot Robbie Pirates movie, which was written by Birds Of Prey and The Flash writer, Christina Hodson. The idea for this movie was not to do a formal spin-off but rather a separate origin story with new characters. This movie was going to be separate from the Johnny Depp Pirates movies, and it really wasn’t a very popular idea amongst Depp and Pirates fans. It seems as though they all wanted more of Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow.

It seems as though Disney wants more of Jack Sparrow also, which I think many fans of Depp’s and the Pirates franchise would be very happy to see. It’s basically the only real reason why I think that Disney would want to cancel Robbie’s movie which has been in development for an awfully long time. There’s also the fact that Jerry Bruckheimer has been trying to convince the studio to make another Depp-lead Pirates movie for a very long time.

How much could Disney pay him to play Captain Jack Sparrow again?

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This all comes after Johnny Depp won his defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. This changed a lot of things for Hollywood. Many studios didn’t want to touch Depp because of the whole Heard situation. His ex-wife has accused the actor of domestic abuse. However, Depp sued Heard for libel after she published an article in the Washington Post in which she claimed that he had been a victim of domestic abuse whilst she was married to Depp.

The jury found that there was no evidence that Heard had been a victim of domestic abuse whilst she was married to the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor and awarded Depp $15 million in damages. This was a huge win for Depp and a massive loss for Heard, who has since fled to Spain. Depp’s win also meant that studios are now interested in working with him again.

One of those studios seems to be Disney, and I think they might be looking at trying to convince him to make another Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. This comes after Depp claimed that he would never work with Disney again after the way the studio treated him over the whole Amber Heard debacle. However, I wonder whether he might be convinced to do another Pirates movie.

What do you make of this news? Are you hopeful that Johnny Depp might get to play Captain Jack Sparrow again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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