The Real Reason Why Amber Heard Fled To Spain Revealed


Amber Heard recently moved to Spain – well, the Spanish island of Mallorca to be exact. It seems as though she’s been getting along swimmingly with the locals over there. However, we think we’ve discovered the real reason why she opted to move to Spain with her daughter in the first place.

There have been many rumours about the move. Some people have suggested that she’s over in Spain to film a movie. However, the only movie that Heard is currently filming is called In The Fire, which is reportedly being shot in Italy. Now, Mallorca island is much closer to Italy than the United States. It’s very close, which could have been one of the reasons Heard decided to move out there.

Why did Amber Heard flee to Spain?


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However, it seems that the real reason why he opted to leave the United States entirely is due to her legal issues back home. As you might know, Heard lost a defamation case. She was being sued for defamation by her ex-husband and ended up losing. The Aquaman actress was then hit with an order to pay Depp over $10 million in damages, which she clearly cannot afford.

After that ruling, her home insurance company, which was revealed to be footing Heard’s rather large legal bills, also sued the actress because she lost the trial and they don’t want to pay the amount due to Johnny Depp. According to Law & Crime, Amber Heard’s lawyers are “trying to halt depositions in a civil dispute between two insurance companies fighting over their financial liability for the $10 million she owes Johnny Depp.”

Is she trying to avoid being sued again…?


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So, according to the outlet, a new filing on Monday says Amber Heard’s lawyers don’t want the case to proceed while she’s appealing the $10 million verdict that a jury in June ordered her to pay Depp for defamation, saying “the continued prosecution of these actions is prejudicial to Ms. Heard’s defence.” Claims involving the New York Marine and General Insurance Co.’s duty to indemnify a judgment “are not ripe unless and until there is a final judgment in the Depp lawsuit,” the filing said.

Why is this important? Why does this explain why Heard ‘fled’ to Spain? Amber Heard’s lawyers, including Kayla Robinson of Pasich LLP in Los Angeles, claim that Heard wasn’t living in the United States when New York Marine sued her, and she still isn’t, “therefore, this court lacks jurisdiction.” Moreover, Heard’s new lawyers said they “may move for a protective order” to thwart depositions that New York Marine lawyers want to conduct with the lawyers who represented Heard in Depp’s lawsuit and her countersuit. They also want a hearing scheduled for November 3rd to be rescheduled to December 1st, “or another date convenient for the court.”

Will Amber Heard stay in Spain?

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So, it seems as though one of the main reasons why Amber Heard moved to Spain was to avoid being sued by her insurance company. If they sue her, she cannot appeal the verdict of the Johnny Depp defamation trial. This will be a very interesting story to keep an eye on moving forward. It’s certainly been the story that just keeps on giving.

One of the questions I have is will Heard decide to stay on the Spanish island of Mallorca, and will we ever see her in anything again after In The Fire and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you make of this news? Do you think Amber Heard moved to Spain to prevent herself from being sued by her former home insurance company? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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