Bat-Mite DCU Project Teased By James Gunn


It seems as though James Gunn might be preparing to bring Bat-Mite to the DC Universe, which I actually think would be an amazing idea! This was revealed in an article published by Deadline, and it’s actually something I’ve discussed with Syl Abdul and Mikey Sutton during a recent live we all did together.

Interestingly enough, Syl and Mikey didn’t seem all that keen on the idea of a Bat-Mite project from James Gunn. However, I think it would be right up his street and something that I would be really excited to watch. Syl claimed that if Gunn were to announce a Bat-Mite movie or TV show, he would lose faith in Gunn as the new co-CEO of DC Studios.

However, it seems as though Syl and Mikey’s worst DCU-related nightmare might end up becoming a reality, as it’s been revealed that Gunn and his co-CEO over at DC Studios, are thinking of bringing Bat-Mite into the DC Universe. I love the idea, and I’m sure that Syl and Mikey will be very worried about this news. But, I hope they can come around to the idea because nobody ever believed that a Guardians Of The Galaxy movie would work in the MCU, and then Gunn went ahead and made it, and it ended up being one of Marvel’s best movies to this date.

Could James Gunn be getting ready to make a Bat-Mite movie or TV Show?


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Here’s what Deadline had to say about Gunn and Safran’s ideas to bring more oddball DC characters into the DCU:

While Gunn and Safran didn’t mention anything about new projects, the former said he has a penchant for such DC superheroes as Metal Men and Bat-Mite.

Who is Bat-Mite?


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I think that Bat-Mite is a fascinating DC Comics superhero. He’s a bit like Spider-Ham in Marvel Comics, who was most recently seen in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Bat-Mite comes from the Fifth Dimension. This is a universe within the DC Comics universe that doesn’t work the same way as ours and the ones we’re used to in DC Comics. Bat-mite is a character with almost infinite power. He usually uses all this power to play tricks, jokes and pranks on people.

He tends to create many problems for Batman and Robin; the character was even featured in the animated The New Adventures of Batman in 1977.  He was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Sheldon Moldoff. He first appeared in Detective Comics No. 267 in 1959.

Moreover, Bat-Mite was kind of referenced in the HBO Max series, Peacemaker, so it seems as though he already exists in the DC Universe. So, I cannot wait to see what ends up happening with this character and many other strange DC creations in the DCU moving forward. I say, bring it on!

What do you make of this news? Do you, like me, think that a Bat-Mite DC Universe project is a very good idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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