John Krasinski Was Cast As Mr Fantastic Because Of Fan Casting


It’s been revealed that John Krasinski ended up being cast as Mr Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2 because of fan casting, which is fun to hear!

This was revealed by Sam Raimi – Doctor Strange 2’s director – during Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’ audio commentary (via CBR).

“It’s so funny that Kevin cast John [Krasinski] because the fans had a dream of who the perfect Reed Richards would be,” Raimi said.

“And because this is an alternate universe, I think Kevin said, ‘Let’s make that dream come true.’ I’ve always really enjoyed all of his performances.'”

It had been MCU fans’ dream to see Krasinski in the role and it seems as though Kevin Feige was listening to them.

John Krasinski also revealed beforehand that he always wanted to play a superhero.

He came very close to being cast as Captain America, but the role eventually went to Chris Evans.

Krasinski revealed that he even got to wear the suit.

However, when getting into the Captain America costume, he saw Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume and felt a bit emasculated.

John Krasinski was cast as Mr Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2 because of fan casting


Credit: @u/SUPERFRAME (Reddit)

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Meanwhile, Doctor Strange 2 producer, Richie Palmer, confirmed that Mr Fantastic’s MCU debut does include a Doctor Doom Easter egg.

Palmer revealed that the technology Reed Richards uses to teleport into the Illuminati’s chamber is based off of hardware that was invented by Doctor Doom.

“The detail of the teleportation device he uses to get into the scene is something we took from the comics, that’s Doctor Doom’s Time Platform,” he said.

Doctor Strange 2’s screenwriter, Michael Waldron also revealed that they almost included an Ant-Man character in The Illuminati.

Waldron revealed that The Wasp was part of The Illuminati in his first draft, and had a pretty gruesome death scene.

The writer revealed that The Wasp was going to be squashed in The Scarlet Witch’s hands.

Waldron didn’t make it clear whether this would have been Hope van Dyne or Janet van Dyne.

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