James Gunn Announces Creature Commandos Animated Series


The first animated project announced in the new DC Universe is Creature Commandos. This was part of a report that was published by Deadline in part of DC Studios’ first announcement for Chapter One: Gods and Monsters.

James Gunn has made it clear that they’ll be making sure that the new DC Universe will traverse multiple forms of media. From live-action movies, TV series, video games, and animation.

Not only that, but working on animation can give the show some flexibility without spending millions.

What’s interesting about the Creature Commandos is that this is very much something Gunn would be interested in doing. Gunn loves obscure characters.

Classic Movie Monsters Featured In DC Studios' Creature Commandos

Credit: DC Comics

This one might not be classified as obscure in a general sense, but it is some DC has done before. The series is already written by Gunn himself. So, this might go into production soon.

The animated show will feature superhumans. A werewolf, a vampire, the Frankenstein monster, and a gorgon. These are all classic movie monsters. The team will also have a human leader.

Why does this animated series remind me so much of The Monster Squad from 1987? The series will also feature Weasel who was featured in Gunn’s Suicide Squad.

Classic Movie Monsters Featured in DC Studios’ Creature Commandos

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Creature Commandos was first introduced in Weird War Tales No. 93 back in 1980. The comic book series was an anthology series which focused on supernatural, horror, mystery, fantasy and science fiction.

The comic series ran from 1971 up to 1983, but since it was an anthology, each story had no connection to one another. Creature Commandos was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Pat Broderick.

The team actually had a modern update back in 2000. DC released a miniseries featuring Creature Commandos, which was written by Tim Truman and illustrated by Scot Eaton.

Interestingly, even the Arrowverse had a subtle nod to Creature Commandos. Arrow featured the human leader Matthew Shrieve in the third season, who was portrayed by Marc Singer (Beastmaster).

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