Stephen Amell Returning As Green Arrow In The Flash Season 9


Stephen Amell returns to the role that made him famous, Green Arrow in season 9, the final season of The Flash. It comes full circle that Amell comes back to the Arrowverse, considering The Flash will be ending this incarnation of the TV DC Universe.

The Nerdist reports that the actor will be reprising his role as Oliver Queen, and it will be his final appearance on episode 9 of the season. Not only that, but Amell will be joined by David Ramsey, Keiynan Lonsdale and Sendhil Ramumurthy.

Just yesterday, we reported that Amell would want to return but only if the story would fit his character. He revealed that in an interview with Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast.

Based on that, it gives you a feeling that there is nothing confirmed that he’ll be back, but he’s into it if ever the opportunity comes.

And surprise, surprise, Stephen Amell announces his return on social media. For sure that the deal for his return happened months ago. It’s also possible that this was the plan years ago.

There is no denying he’s been excited to tell everyone about it.

Stephen Amell Is Back In The Arrowverse

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Amell posted:

Of course I’m coming back.

It included a short clip of Oliver Queen and Barry Allen hugging each other.

The Flash is the final Arrowverse series. Though some can argue that we still have Superman and Lois which have crossed over to the Arrowverse. That show actually exists in a parallel universe. So, Superman and Lois is an exception.

Stephen Amell Returning As Green Arrow In The Flash Season 9

Credit: The CW

But if it wasn’t for Arrow, there won’t be The Flash. Grant Gustin first appeared as Barry Allen in Arrow Season 2 Episode 8 titled “The Scientist.” At the time, Barry didn’t have his powers.

Barry did eventually get his powers when the Arrow spinoff, The Flash started.

And they did crossover multiple times. Barry even tried training under Green Arrow. They were the first superhero duo in the Arrowverse. There was also the time that they switched identities. That was fun.

So, it’s only fitting that Stephen Amell does come back for Grant Gustin’s final season. It would be a nice send-off for The Flash.

Stephen Amell Reprises His Role As Green Arrow


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Stephen Amell posted on his social media with a picture of him with Grant Gustin, saying:

When Barry calls…
Oliver answers…

It’s great to see them together again.

Arrow didn’t just introduce The Flash, but also got more DC heroes into the universe like Supergirl, Superman, Constantine, Batwoman, Black Canary, The Atom, Hawkeye, Hawkgirl, the multiple versions of the Flash and many more. I mean, Arrow unlocked a big box of superheroes. It’s something people hope that the new DC Universe will achieve at some point. For fans of the Arrowverse, it has been a fun ride.

Now we wonder, how will Green Arrow return? As far as we know, Oliver Queen is deceased. There was even that big Arrowverse crossover when that happened. He has been for quite some time now. We even saw his afterlife with Felicity. So, his life is absolutely over. So, how does he come back from the dead? Will we be dealing with time travel or a parallel universe?

The final season of Flash starts on February, 8th.

So, what do you think of Stephen Amell coming back? Has this been a long time coming? Are you excited to see him back again as the Green Arrow?


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