Good Omens’ Michael Sheen Is Reportedly In The Running To Play Lucifer In The DCEU

This potential bit of casting news might surprise many people – especially fans of the show Lucifer – but it’s being reported that Michael Sheen’s up for the role of Lucifer in the DCEU.

Now, this report comes from We Got This Covered, so please, take this with a big pinch of salt, but they claim that the Good Omens star is being eyed to play the role.

The fact that he’s played an angelic being in Good Omens might have started this casting rumour, and it’s also not really hard to imagine an actor of Sheen’s talent to play the role.

However, fans of Lucifer, the TV show, might be upset to hear this because they would very much like to see Tom Ellis play the role in the DCEU.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. Pictures tends to shy away from casting actors who’ve played the roles on the TV in their DC Comics movies.

Look at The Flash. Ezra Miller plays the role on the big screen, yet Grant Gustin plays the role in The CW TV show.

There are several instances of this, but Gustin and Miller is the most famous instance of this, and it was a real shame because I, like many others, think that Gustin is a perfectly serviceable Flash.

Would Michael Sheen make a good Lucifer in the DCEU?

Lucifer Season 5 Tom Ellis Netflix god Heaven

Could Lucifer be going to Heaven in Season 5? (Credit: Netflix)

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However, after having seen the Justice League, the actor might be glad he wasn’t in that movie, which was a real trainwreck.

As for Lucifer, Ellis does a fantastic job in the TV series, however, Sheen is a fabulous actor and would bring another level to the role.

He was excellent as Aziraphale in Good Omens and has been brilliant in such films as Frost/Nixon, The Damned United and The Queen (in which he gave an incredible performance as British Prime Minister, Tony Blair).

I think he has what it takes to bring Lucifer to the big screen, and it’s about time Sheen was in a comic book movie.

He hasn’t done one yet, and it looks like Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics are gearing up to start great things together.

What do you think of Michael Sheen potentially playing Lucifer in the DCEU? Let us know in the comments below.

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