How To Analyse The Character Of The Story?


Obviously, not every person is keen on writing and has lots of skills to complete writing assignments in the appropriate way. This is not an easy task to prepare the analysis of the character, but it is still interesting. Writing is a long way that requires enough time and concentration. This can be the reason why a student refers to professional writers asking them to “write my paper” or to prepare any other type of writing assignment because he or she lacks the time or knowledge. Get acquainted with the tips below to know how to deal with the character and their description to be on the safe side and impress teachers with documents of high quality following all the requirements and rules.

Character as a type

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Dealing with the character, it is a good idea to start with the position of him/her in society. This is followed by the appearance and approach and communication with the environment. While talking about it, there is a need to mention both internal and external things and factors. For sure, don’t forget to include sentences about the feelings.

After the previous things are ready, why not discuss the attitude of the author to the character as it has its own influence on the development of events. It shows with the help of the general description of the character, the author’s description, and the manner other characters of the book describe him/her and the biography present in the story. But it is not the end, the person of the book is opened with the help of a chain of events and behaviours together with dialogues and monologues.

Follow your work by trying to understand what has made the author create this or that character. It could be some issue connected to the society, environment, or a personal one. Pay attention that everything should have arguments that are quite logical and coherent. There is a recommendation for you to talk about all things mentioned above to make your analysis as full as possible.

How to deal with the analysis

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It can be too obvious, but each and everything that can be said about the character could be used for the analysis of him/her. The image is formed not only by the thoughts, phrases, dialogues, and the author’s description. This is complemented with the behaviour, the way the person forms relationships with others, the manners, and other aspects. To make the analysis full, don’t fail to see the person from various points of view observing the inner world.

Don’t forget to emphasize some key points while reading the book, and it will be helpful in the future. Even if you are dealing with e-books, put the pages and their numbers to remember what matters.

Meaning of the term

So how to understand the term of the character if we are talking about literature? Let’s get closer to the meaning of it. It is all about a person that is present in the book, has his/her own features and behaviour, shows a unique attitude to the world, etc. While generalizing everything, we can mention a positive character and a negative one, but everything matters, as there is nothing that is simple and unambiguous.

Anti or negative ones

Let’s see the truth itself, and there is nothing totally positive in the world. But there is a term called antihero in literature. You may ask, what does it mean? And the answer is simple. This is a person that is opposite to a positive one.

For sure, such a character has his own meaning:

  • First of all, it could be a negative person that has features that don’t change.
  • This could be an ironic copy of a positive person.
  • The last meaning could include, so to say, a small person that is brightly compared to someone big.

What characters could be faced

Books are full of various characters that could be, for instance, fantastic, tragic, romantic, and others. To add more, there are main ones and minor ones. Also, there are some characters that can appear sometimes or even ones in the events that can help with the description of the main ones.

Types of description: static and dynamical

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As it was already mentioned, analysis and description of the character are not that simple. There are even some types of that description that are used in this or that case.

So let’s start with the first one that is static. It is used from the very beginning of the story when the character appears. This helps the reader visualize the person we are reading about and understand the plot in a better way.

The following one is a dynamic description. While talking about it, it is necessary to mention that the character and his/her features are opened by one. Thus some events happen, and we get to know some additional details about this or that person. To add more, new things about the character could be opened with the help of comments about his/her surroundings. Such an approach makes the impression of the audience even more bright. Still, there is a drawback to it. Unfortunately, the use of it can cause a bit of abstractness together with uncertainty.

So to cut a long story short, the former type is suitable in the case of short stories and not that long books, while the latter is a perfect option for long books with a great plot.

Long and short descriptions

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Well, we shouldn’t only focus on the previous types themselves and could go deeper discussing long and short descriptions.

There is a need to concentrate on long ones. Such kinds of descriptions, apart from the appearance of the characters, deal with their features, talking about the position in the society and status itself. They also pay attention to clothes that have an influence on the understanding of the person and the style. To add more, the clothes can sometimes say more than additional comments mentioning the profession, for instance.

The following kind is a short description. As a rule, it deals only with some separate parts and the appearance itself. It includes some uncommon things, for instance, the bright color of hair and decorations.

The process of analysis and description

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It is obvious that books can’t be without characters. That’s why it is necessary to pay attention to both the main and minor ones. Both features of the character have influence as well as behaviours and general features present in the story. If even the character is weak, it is crucial for his/her understanding and the development of events.

Main features

For the very beginning of the description, it is common to prepare details about the main features of the character. Each character has lots of features, and this is shown by the behaviour. Pay attention that talking about little features can make your analysis uninteresting. So see them from various points of view. There is a need to include positive and negative things.


Why not mention that a character should be unique but real. The readers should be able to see themselves in the description. So don’t forget to talk about the conflict that is a thing making the character opposite to someone, for instance, family or friends, or even the society. The conflicts could be on many levels, so try to analyze them.

Ideas and purposes

You can’t disagree; even the simplest character has his/her own targets. It is them to have an influence on the behaviours and the development of the events. During the story, the purposes can change, and this is not bad. It means the character is developing. Usually, one of the main aims includes love, envy, willingness to look like somebody else, etc.


What can make the character more real than the habits that are common for the readers? The author could, even more, emphasize them, but the audience will remember that the person has something similar. For instance, it could be a habit of having coffee near the fountain and ordering something at the café. So don’t fail to mention it in your analysis.


There is no such a person who has no fears. Someone could be afraid of anything, starting from darkness and ending with some insects. It is a good idea to pay attention to any fear of the character for deeper description. If there is a fear of loneliness, discuss it, this aspect can explain the behaviour of the person.

So what should be mentioned in the analysis?

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While creating a paper with the analysis, do your best to create three main parts in it. Let the first one be a beginning. Here you are supposed to say all the names (the book itself, the author, and the characters). Additionally, you can say a bit whether the character is positive or antihero and state the reason for it.

The following part is the main one. As a rule, it is the biggest thing that could have more than one paragraph. Find what to mention to this part below.

Things for the main body

Start talking about the character saying whether he/she is a main or a minor one. Include the name and some biographical details that are important for the very beginning.

Continue with the appearance. Think of things and details the author pays attention to and guess why it matters.

Followed by the analysis of the speech and the way the person talks. It can show the education, the manners and habits of the person we are talking about. In this part, it is also possible to include the way the person lives, that is, accommodation and place itself.

Then go to the social position and the way how society perceives him/her. As it was already discussed, it is crucial to describe the features of character, the purposes, and interests. Also, you are supposed to deal with the person’s inner world, what makes him/her feel this or that thing, and the reactions to the events.

What’s more, don’t fail to compare the character with others and think of the differences. See the attitude of the author to the character. All things and aspects above should be finished by the role of the character in the story or in the book.

Logical ending

Finish with summarizing. Guess why this or that character was created, what issues she/he has solved, and maybe add some options on how the events can develop in the future. Pay attention that this part is a way of gathering data that was said above. But don’t make a common mistake and don’t repeat yourself. Let yourself be original, finalizing a good description.

Get down to analysis

So when the theoretical part is talked about above, it is high time to start implementing a practical one. Apart from necessary details that can help with writing, it is required to pay attention to the preparation for writing and the process of creation itself.

The logical beginning is a simple reading of the book or story. For sure, you won’t know about the character in case of avoiding a book. You might think to read just about the character somewhere, but it is a bad option and won’t give you the desired result. After reading:

  1. Continue with the analysis.
  2. Think about the main idea and top concepts of the book.
  3. Go through the main characters.

When you have an option to choose a character for analysis by yourself, pick the one who is the closest to you and the most interesting.

Don’t be afraid of your thoughts. If something comes to your mind, write it down. Always be unique and original that will be liked by the teacher. To add more, check everything to avoid mistakes and problems with language, pronunciation, and grammar. Do your best to create a paper of high quality.


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