Here Are Some Tips For Streaming Content On Your Phone

It doesn’t matter if there’s a big flatscreen TV in the family room. Sometimes you just want to watch stuff right there on your cell phone. Sitting on your favourite chair, lying down in bed, so many of us do it. And there’s a lot to stream, with streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus always giving you something to watch. But to make sure you properly enjoy your smartphone streaming; we’ve put together some top tips for you.

Sounds obvious when you say it out loud, but loads of people don’t have automatic updates turned on. If that’s you, you might be missing out on a lot. Even people who do have automatic updates switched on will often ignore the notification. It’s not just to give your cell a refresh in appearance; it’s also to improve all its nuances. To enhance its security and to make it optimal to use. And that includes streaming services too. By making sure it’s up to date, you’ll have a better chance of getting better quality streaming.

Make sure you get the best quality when you’re streaming on your phone by using the best sites or apps. If you’ve found a TV show to watch online from a website, is it truly safe? Will you be pestered with pop-ups, clickbait articles and potentially dangerous downloads? Instead, just stay safe and use the app. Netflix and Prime Video created them for a reason. They’re also optimised for smartphones too, giving you more functions and features than you would from just a website. That includes adding subtitles, the ability to pick up and play from where you left off and more importantly, no adverts! Compare that to a website which can sometimes stop playing, and you have to reload and find where you were last watching constantly. It makes life a lot easier just to do it through the right channel.


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In terms of security, you never know what you’re leaving yourself exposed to. While a lot of the world revolves around being online nowadays, it also means there’s been a dramatic increase in cybercrime. The last thing you want is to be a victim of that just because you were watching an episode of Stranger Things. Thankfully you can get around that by installing a VPN on your phone, especially if you’ve got an iOS device. It works by hiding your IP address from any online hackers and provides you with state-of-the-art security technology.

You can browse away without the worry of any criminals getting your personal information. As well as giving you more security and privacy, a VPN also lets you unblock any geo-restricted content. No doubt you’ve noticed that some shows aren’t available on your streaming apps, which is annoying when you know that they’re available in another country but not yours. Simply use a VPN to switch server locations, and you can log into the internet from that county and access more shows than before. You can also download the VPN in handy app form to make it easier to turn off and on when you need it. You can see more about iOS VPN benefits – it’s so much more than security and will optimise your phone streaming experience. 


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Wherever you’re doing your streaming from, make sure you’ve got the best connection. There’s nothing worse than your movie starting to buffer just when you get to a good part. Ideally, kick everyone off the home wi-fi so you can use it. And if you’re using your data, make sure you’ve got enough as you won’t want to run out before the end.

People just assume they’ve always got enough battery charge to see them through their day. But if you’re like us, you probably use your phone a lot, and the battery can wind down when it gets to the evening. Don’t lie down in bed to watch a movie with only 5% left on your iPhone, Samsung or Huawei P40 phone – keep it charging throughout the day or give it a blast before you start streaming.

To make sure your streaming doesn’t suffer from any lag, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got enough space on your cell. Anyone who’s anyone will get to the point where your smartphone’s filled with pictures and videos. Now’s the time to either download them onto a hard drive or upload them onto the cloud. Then enjoy all that glorious space to ensure your streaming is fast and faultless.

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