The 5 Best TV Shows For Students To Watch Whilst In Lockdown


As you enter high school, you are loaded with numerous assignments and back to back classes. You stay busy throughout the never-ending day. In order to stay fresh and in a position to work efficiently throughout the day, you need to watch aspiring tv shows for students.

Blue Mountain State


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When you are in college, you will gravitate towards tv shows with highschool settings. You resonate the highschool life in a show with reality. You may even consider yourself as the hero or any other character. One of the greatest university life shows the Blue Mountain State. It is an original spike series and has three seasons in total. Which means you can easily binge-watch the show along with your friends and even alone during cosy nights. It contains disruptive and rowdy ways of mischief among three athletes in college. Their chemistry keeps your interest levels at the peak throughout the show as they work towards winning a football game for their team in Mountain State called The Mountain Goats. As the series progress, you will realize the importance of sports on your physical and mental strength. It will aspire you to keep sports and education balanced, and you may even end up with a sports scholarship by the end of the semester. To turn this dream into reality, you will need to make a few improvisations like you can order cheap essays online while you practice the game. Your physical strength will also improve boosting your confidence. This will help you in practical life as you will know how to maintain focus towards achieving the actual goal.


Keri Russell Felicity Student TV Show

Another must-watch show that focuses on high school experiences is called Felicity. Keri Russel has the lead role in the series. The show focuses on life as a freshman and the obstacles you have to overcome as you admit in a new college. You can hire experts from EssayZoo to complete your assignments meanwhile as you spend time watching the show. You also see how the actor pursues her high school crush Ben Covington played by Scott Speedman. The series is a perfect example of how a strong high school love can become as the girl follows his crush from California to a fictitious University in New York. You come across memorable and versatile characters like Felicity’s gothic roommate. The series revolves around the lives of new college students and has a tinge of romance to keep things interesting. As you watch through the show, you find Felicity in various situations that she never imagined she would have to face. Not only does the show prepares you for random situations, but it also shows the lengths teenagers can go to for their obsession. You can binge-watch Felicity without worrying about assignments as Essayzoo is a fast agency that starts writing as soon as you place an order.

Veronica Mars


When we talk about the best tv shows for students, Veronica Mars tops the list. You can relate the character with yourself as you go through the storyline. Veronica Mars is a high school student with a versatile and introvert character. She works as a private detective a la Nancy Drew when she is not attending college. This shows how a modern student should be responsible and be a part of academic and non-academic organizations to attain optimum exposure. As a student, you can take inspiration from the show and may even start expanding resources like writing a college essay for money. Not only do you become responsible, but you will also begin generating money before stepping into practical life.

Further in the show as Mars gets admission in a university in the third season, she has to solve the rape case of a close friend and a murder case of the deen while maintaining her grades. This encourages students to tap into their resources and improves their multitasking abilities. This may seem challenging, but as you work hard, it develops traits in students which are useful in the long run. The show also helps you academically as you will have plenty of information to write on an essay about college life.


undeclared student tv show

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Every university student needs to watch a comedy genre to help them survive through the hectic high school days. After a tiring day place your order on a college essay writing service to help you with your articles. This enables you to finish work early and manage some free time to watch this sitcom as you snuggle under the warm blankets. In this show, the creator Judd Apatow focuses on the unglamorous realities of university life. It is considered as one of the classic college tv shows primarily because the story is based on the actual lives of the characters who played it. The show further teaches us to find happiness in the simple things of life and not to make life complicated. Many students develop a feeling of satisfaction by watching this show as they realize their life is no different from other teenagers and that we are all passengers of the same boat.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect Tv show

Pitch Perfect is yet another masterpiece that revolves around the lives of students at Barden University. It is a musical comedy in which the leading characters become a part of local acapella groups. The characters later compete with each other in a singing competition. Pitch perfect is one of those tv shows about college life that teaches us competency. It instils a desire in teen students to work with full zeal to assure good results. It further tells us not to panic if you fail at first and rather keep on trying, and the effort will never go waste. The show does not fail to entertain its audience and educate them on the importance of a strong relationship between the students. It also stresses the significance of extracurricular activities while maintaining academic grades. Such shows about college are important because they encourage students to think out of the bubble and actively participate in activities other than academics. Such activities may include playing sports, going to the gym or even freelancing to earn a couple of bucks as passive income. You learn to deal with people and mature earlier than your fellow mates. You also develop a sense of calm and thankfulness in your character as you know how hard earning money is.


There are many more tv shows on Netflix, but the ones in this article stand out the rest. They cover a variety of genres, and by the time you are done with all these shows, you will become a completely different person. You develop a sense of responsibility and commitment towards your actions.

What do you make of this feature? Are there any TV shows for students you like the sound of in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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