Henry Cavill Is Reportedly In Talks For A Call Of Duty Movie


Former Superman Henry Cavill could star in another popular video game movie adaptation titled Call Of Duty. If you are even remotely familiar with video games, you might have heard of Call of Duty. It’s Activision’s most well-known game franchise. It’s so big that even Sony says it’s their best seller on PlayStation regardless of which version one is using.

The original Call of Duty games (from 2003-2006) are known for being a historical first-person shooter based on World War 2. But things changed when the developer of the game Infinity Ward changed their fourth game from World War II to modern warfare. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released in 2007.

Since the game is set in a modern setting, Infinity Ward focused on making their own story instead of being inspired by historical accounts. Call of Duty 4 changed first-person shooting games forever. The game influenced every FPS game that you can think of. Many game developers were inspired to replicate the action and storytelling.

Even EA’s Medal of Honour series tried to capture that same feeling, but since it kept making World War II-themed shooters, Call of Duty had practically a monopoly over modern military-style FPS shooters. Since then, Activision has made it a priority to make Call of Duty games.

The series has also reached the Guinness Book of World Records as the bestselling first-person shooter game series. That said, it seems as though Call of Duty is ripe for the picking to make a live-action adaptation.

Henry Cavill Could Star In A Call of Duty Movie Adaptation

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Henry Cavill has just left one popular video game role as The Witcher from Netflix. The former Superman star has also started working on his own series based on a famous tabletop miniature game called Warhammer 40k. That’s not all; if the most recent report is true, he might star in another video game adaptation.

A report from Giant Freakin Robot tells us that Cavill is in talks to play John Price for a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare movie adaptation. Price is a sharpshooter and is a member of the British SAS. This seems perfect for Cavill since he himself is British. Amazon Studios is said to be currently working on getting the rights for the IP.

We don’t know the premise of the film, but we do presume that it could be based on the first Modern Warfare. With the interest of networks making franchises now, it is a possibility that Amazon is looking into more than one film. If Amazon follows the games, it could turn out to be a trilogy. Infinity Ward released 3 Modern Warfare games from 2007 up until 2011.

In 2019, Activision released a reboot of Modern Warfare, and recently in 2022, Modern Warfare II. It’s also not impossible that if this is successful, it can spawn other spin-off movies or shows.

Henry Cavill Could Be Call of Duty’s John Price

Henry Cavill Is Reportedly In Talks For A Call Of Duty Movie

Credit: Activision

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Henry Cavill seems to be the go-to guy in terms of game-related franchises. Cavill himself has admitted to enjoying playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC, which is why he wanted to get the role of Geralt of Rivia for Netflix’s own live-action adaptation. He left the franchise because it was reported that the Netflix show was moving away from the books and video games.

He also has shown his love of Warhammer 40k miniature wargaming, which is why he is also into making a live-action series for Amazon Prime Studios. Just this January, it was reported that Ana De Armas was in talks for a role in the series.

Regardless of how long Warhammer 40k has been existing and how long it has been adapted into books and animation. There hasn’t been a live-action adaptation yet. Cavill will be making history if he does pull that off.

Henry Cavill Is Reportedly In Talks For A Call Of Duty Movie

Credit: Netflix

Call of Duty is a massive brand. Just talking about it now means a lot. Other than being a big franchise, Microsoft and PlayStation are having this big issue in regard to Microsoft trying to buy Activision. PlayStation is uncomfortable with Microsoft owning the Call of Duty franchise.

Anyway, I am excited to see Cavill take on the role of John Price if the report is true. With so many fans who play the game, there will be a lot of expectations for it to succeed. But that doesn’t make the film easy to do. Even though video game adaptations are getting better these days, like HBO’s The Last of Us, Castlevania and Sonic The Hedgehog, it still has a long way to go before it really gets accepted by the fans themselves.

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