Henry Cavill Reportedly In Talks For Spider-UK Movie With Sony


Apart from Warhammer 40K and a handful of other upcoming projects, reports say Henry Cavill is in talks with Sony Pictures to become Spider-UK. If this is true, the actor is genuinely charging forward and onward after the ‘Disappointing Circumstance’ he went through for a certain superpowered alien.

After passing on the White Wolf’s medallion to Liam Hemsworth and not being DCU’s Superman after all, Henry Cavill dusted himself off and proceeded to take on another Tuesday. Some weeks after the franchise setback, he grabbed hold of another franchise close to his heart: Warhammer.

On top of that, he has upcoming projects. Argylle, currently in post-production, is on target for a 2023 release. The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is in production and on the list for a 2024 premiere. The Rosie Project is in pre-production, with a release date yet to be announced. He is also in an upcoming video game entitled Squadron 42, portraying Ryan Enright, currently in production.

There was an ongoing rumour about the actor being involved in a Highlander project that is currently in pre-production. The said rumour now has Chris Hemsworth reportedly attached to the project.

However, speaking of rumours, the not-so-new word is circulating that Cavill is actually in the running for Sony’s Universe of Marvel characters, which fans are more familiar with Sony’s Spider-Verse. Reports say that Sony is keen on getting Cavill as their Spider-UK.

Henry Cavill Could Be In Sony Marvel Universe As Spider-UK

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Giant Freakin Robot writes that there is considerable weight to believe that the actor is indeed in talks with Sony for the role. However, as there is no official statement from either Cavill or Sony, the news is still recommended to be taken with a grain of salt. As it is, talks would mean negotiations, and negotiations can go either way.

How plausible is this news? That would be anyone’s guess. We’re just on board in finding out about the possibilities. Henry Cavill is one actor who fully researches geek-nerd mode when it comes to characters he will portray or has an interest in involving himself. Cases in point: The Witcher and Warhammer.

Not to mention that the actor is among those who are dependably bankable for franchise projects. Netflix’s The Witcher gained popularity beyond long-time fans of the novels and the videogames.

Cavill’s presence piqued the interest of new viewers and the show broadened the audience base for the franchise. The Witcher Season 3 will be the last time he’s going to get to play Geralt Of Rivia. And the streaming company already has the fourth in development.

As for Sony, Spider-UK is not actually the only Marvel character that Cavill is rumoured to be in negotiation for. There are also reports and online discussions about Marvel Studios’s interest in getting the actor to become their Captain Britain. Many fans are hopeful that since he is no longer connected to DC, the actor will consider or be considered to become part of the MCU.

Henry Cavill’s Step Into Marvel May Be Sony’s Spider-UK

Henry Cavill Reportedly In Talks For Spider-UK Movie With Sony

Credit: Marvel Comics Group

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In the comics, Spider-UK actually has two versions. One is Billy Braddock of Earth-833, who is the leader of the Web Warriors, and two is Zarina Zahari of Earth-834, whom Madame Web recruited into the Spider-Verse.

Considering this is Sony and the fact that they have Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson coming up, maybe they have her movie to introduce Billy Braddock onto the big screen. Could be taking a bit of both Spider-UK origins for the movie.

It is quite evident that Sony is in dire need of its own mainstay Spider-Man. Many have already expected that Miles Morales will have his live-action theatrical debut soon, but somehow, he still remains in the animated universe. If they are bringing Braddock in, Cavill might be able to portray him for not more than a decade based on his current age.

Though, cinemagic could be a work-around for that. Besides, Hugh Jackman is already in his mid-fifties and he’s still giving Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool a run for his money as Wolverine.

However, personally, I can’t picture Cavill as another superhero. But then again, that is just me. Do you think it would be a good idea for Cavill to jump into Marvel or Sony’s Spider-Verse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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