Blade MCU Movie To Start Filming In 10 Weeks’ Time


The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Blade movie has been in all sorts of trouble since the project was first announced. It had been reported that its star, Mahershala Ali was not at all happy with the state the movie was in.

We heard reports that the script was a mess and that Marvel Studios had no real vision for the character and whether it should be R-rated or not. Since then, the movie’s original director, Bassam Tariq, left the project due to “creative differences”.

However, it was reported to us that Tariq might have actually been forced out of the project because Marvel and Ali didn’t think he was the right man for the job. We also heard that the script was so bad that they had to go back to the drawing board with it.

This meant that there was a huge delay with this project, and some people were even saying that Marvel might be thinking of cancelling the movie altogether. However, we then got the news that Marvel had hired a new director for the Blade movie. That director was Yann Demange.

The MCU Blade movie has a new director and things are looking good!


Credit: Marvel Studios


Demange, I think, is an excellent choice for the movie. He’s made movies such as ’71 and White Boy Rick, and he’s directed episodes of Lovecraft Country and Dead Set. He was also the executive producer of Lovecraft Country.

I think he’s much better suited to directing a Blade movie for Marvel. Moreover, we were told that the movie is going to be Marvel’s bloodiest film yet and that things were looking a lot better with the project ever since Demange took over.

Well, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel’s President, Kevin Feige, revealed that the movie is going to start filming in Atlanta in ten weeks’ time! That’s huge news for the project, and it means that it might end up hitting its September 6th, 2024 release date.

That said, we were informed that Marvel might be forced to push the movie’s release date into Phase 6 of the MCU rather than towards the end of Phase 5. We’re going to have to wait and see what happens on that particular front.

Here’s what Feige had to say about the upcoming Blade movie:

It’s going well. Our director Yann [Demange] is down in Atlanta right now. Cameras roll in, like, the next 10 weeks or so.

The movie will start filming in 10 weeks!


Credit: Marvel Studios


This backs up our report stating that things were going much, much better with the project and that Mahershala Ali and Demange were getting along very smoothly. It does seem as though it’s all hands on deck as far as the Blade project is concerned.

I’ve stated time and time again that I believe this Blade movie is going to be pivotal for the MCU’s future and longevity. The MCU needs to change and adapt. DC Studios is now going to be doing very different things with its superhero movies, and Marvel seems to be stuck in something of a rut.

The Blade and Deadpool 3 movies could save the MCU from that rut and rejuvenate the franchise because, at the moment, it’s dying. It looks like Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania is more of the same MCU shlock, which people are now very tired of.

I really hope that things change soon because I love these Marvel movies, and I love the MCU.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Mahershala Ali’s Blade movie when it’s finally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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