Daredevil Born Again Won’t Feature Charlie Cox’s OG Stuntman


Many are waiting for updates on Daredevil Born Again starring Charlie Cox, but learning they are refusing a former stuntman to return worries fans. Clearly, this gives a hint as to what to expect or not to expect about the fight scenes that the upcoming Marvel Studios supersized series will be showing.

The last thing fans would like to hear is that the fight scenes will not be on par with the former Netflix shows. Those fight scenes were epic, and the stunt double, Christopher Brewster, served up as much Daredevil bravado as Cox did. But fans weren’t ready for the gut-wrenching information that the stunt double wasn’t even allowed an interview.

Daredevil Born Again Refused To Interview Charlie Cox Stuntman

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I am not surprised by the rising concern that the news brought. In the Twitter exchange following the hashtag WeSavedDaredevil, @Kristina4109 posted a photo of the character on November 2022, saying:

The hallway fight that started it all.

So many people to thank for this, but we can’t forget to thank #CharlieCox and Chris Brewster, the two men behind the #Daredevil mask.

We’re getting Charlie back for #DaredevilBornAgain

What about Chris?

To which, the stunt performer Brewster replied just this February 9th:

Thanks Kristina and WSD crew! I love you all. Unfortunately Marvel not only hired somebody else; they wouldn’t even let me interview for the job.

When I initially heard about this, I only thought they didn’t give him the interview because there wasn’t a need for one. He clearly has the similarity of features and build. Not to mention him getting the moves down to the tee. Like many fans’ impressions, it should have been automatic. But, as it appears, Marvel has other plans for the Daredevil fight scenes.

Not to remove merit from the one they actually hired, but I am sure the new stunt performer will also do well. But I can’t help feeling that so much will change in the new series. And somehow, it is making me dread what is coming. Also, I shared Kristina’s response, where she said:

This is breaking my heart. It is so unfair to you and all the hard work you put in to making #Daredevil an outstanding show. Just know that I will always be grateful and appreciative of all you did. I KNOW you have a magnificent career ahead of you.

FandomWire sheds a possible silver lining to this dreadful news. Some are saying that there is the possibility that the Daredevil fight scenes and stunts will utilize CGI; thus, they opted to forego getting stunt performers from the former-Netflix releases.

As much as I appreciate them trying to keep looking at this optimistically, I can’t help but get sadder about it. To me, what made the scenes epic in the first three seasons was the fact that they were practical. User @daniella_clegg posted:

This is terrible 😞 I’m gutted for Chris and gutted for the series. Hoping it’s not going to be a CGI mess but Marvel Studios don’t exactly have a good track record on this.

Charlie Cox Stuntman Won’t Be Part Of Daredevil Born Again

Daredevil Born Again, Charlie Cox, Stuntman

Credit: Marvel Studios

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As always, with the possibility of things going bad, there is also the chance that things could get better. At this point, it would be moot to think negatively about the developing series. There will always be a part of the fans – myself included – that would hope for the best.

Wasn’t there a time that we thought Daredevil would never see the light of day again? Now here we are, waiting for the Man Without Fear fully come into the MCU fold.

One thing, more specifically, two things, would appease my growing sadness for the developing series. Those are the casting for Foggie Nelson and Karen Paige. They have to keep Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll. If they don’t, serious tears will fall. Moreover, imagine how fans will take such disappointing news. I’ll definitely be throwing arms and mentally flipping tables.

Do you think they should not have refused to interview Charlie Cox’s stuntman for Daredevil Born Again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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