The 5 Best Movies Set In Casinos Of All Time

There have been a lot of different casino movies released over the years. While some are certainly not at the top of the charts in terms of quality, it’s no doubt that there are some all-time classic movies set around casinos. We’ve taken a look at the very best casino movies of all time to give you a list of the best titles you can see.


casino 2

Credit: Universal Pictures

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We have to start with Casino. It stars two of the top actors of all time in Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, it has an engrossing story which is based on true events and it’s full of action. If you like your movies a little bit close to the knuckle then this is the one for you.

As the name suggests it is set in a Casino, where a member of the mafia is trying to run a clean joint. Unfortunately, a hyper-violent colleague comes to his casino and starts off a chain of events that cause nothing but trouble. It’s a story of love, betrayal, violence and casinos. It’s an incredible movie regardless of the setting, but being set in a casino means that it has to be at the top of this list.

Ocean’s 11

Ocean's 11 Casino movies heist

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This is most often categorised as a heist movie. However, the vast majority of the movie takes place in and around a casino. With it featuring some of the biggest names on the Las Vegas strip it has some iconic views on show. It has maybe got a bad reputation over the years due to the lacklustre sequels, but the original in the series is a fantastic movie.

It features twists and turns, big stars and some fantastic action sequences. It’s a movie that keeps you guessing all of the way to the end. If you want a big budget, modern blockbuster to satisfy your casino movie desires then Ocean’s 11 is one of the best choices that you can make.

Casino Royale


Credit: Sony Pictures

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There are a number of different James Bond movies that could be put forward to be on this list, but we have gone for Casino Royale. A telling of the James Bond origin story it is a fantastic reboot of the Bond series. After years of cartoon-style storytelling, Casino Royale is a return to a more grounded in reality spy movie. It has a lot more to show to viewers in terms of character development and action without the over the top gadgets that the series had become known for.

Casino Royale certainly set things up for the modern era as it’s gone on to have a number of highly successful sequels at the box office. As the name suggests there is a lot of screen time in a casino and this is a movie that you should definitely check out.

Rain Man

rain-man autistic characters

Credit: United International Pictures

Rain Man is one of the older movies on this list, but it still remains a classic. It stars two of the most famous and high profile actors of the 80s in Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise and both men put in incredible performances. It tells the story of Cruise going to pick up his autistic savant brother. Without wanting to ruin the story there are a lot of heart wrenching and fun scenes in this movie.

Blackjack plays a big part of the movie with some card counting scenes included. It might be a stretch to call it a casino movie, but there are enough scenes in a casino to put it on the list. Besides that, it’s just too good a movie to miss out on. This won a host of Oscars and even today it still stands up as one of the best movies of all time.

The Hangover

The Hangover Film

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

All of the other movies on this list are serious. This movie certainly provides a change of pace. It’s a raucous buddy movie that has a lot of scenes set in a casino. There have been a few different hangover movies released at this point but the original still remains the best. The Mike Tyson cameo is one of the funniest moments on screen. It was also the start of the ascent of Bradley Cooper to superstardom. There are casino slots related to this movie that can be found in different off- and online casinos. More information can be found on


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