Exact Time When James Gunn’s DC Movie Slate Will Be Announced Revealed

James Gunn’s DC movie slate announcement is coming very soon, in fact, it is coming in just mere hours after this posting. A news report from The Direct says that an insider confirmed the time of the upcoming announcement.

Many DC fans have been waiting for what the new DC Studios will turn up with. Especially with the cancellation of several projects under the DC brand. James Gunn has been trying to control the situation, but it’s not easy. After three months of waiting, some fans are pretty upset that they haven’t heard anything yet.

So, when will this announcement come? It’s been reported that the announcement will be coming today, January 31, 2023, Tuesday, at noon Eastern Standard Time. This comes from Grace Randolph, who is a known movie insider. She made a simple post on her Twitter profile saying:

#DCStudios 12pm EST.

That should be 5pm in London. Got that?


Randolph did also mention that it’s impressive that there are no leaks so far for the upcoming DC Slate announcement. What’s important here is she also said that the new DC Universe is not a full reboot, and it doesn’t feel like Marvel. That, so far, is good news to me.

What are we expecting? Actually, we don’t know yet. There is a lot of speculation about it. Give anyone three months to think about DC, and you can come up with several scenarios for the DC Universe.

James Gunn’s DC Movie Slate Announcement Time Revealed

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James Gunn himself has been very active on social media, even in his downtime. His partner, Peter Safran, is not really that much of a public person in terms of fan interaction. Gunn is the one people look into. He responds, and fans love him for it. Some even consider his social media posts as clues to what his next move is.

The DC Studio head has posted a lot of things with regard to his new job since he started in November of 2022. He asked people about Metalmen or Bat-Mite, he is known for loving obscure and weird characters. He never did hide that. It is one of his highlights working on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and DC’s Suicide Squad.

Based on his social media activities, it is evident that there is still a considerable focus on the DC Trinity: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

But the cancellations that were done under WBD while the co-CEOs transitioned for the job worried fans. Movies, and TV shows were shut down left and right. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 script also got the axe.

Any potential Black Adam future project which Dwayne Johnson kept talking about was also blocked. Henry Cavill announced that he’s done being Superman, just mere weeks after showing up as the Man of Steel in Black Adam.

Because of this, some fans already came up with the theory that Gunn and his co-CEO at DC Studios, Peter Safran, plan to reboot the DC movie universe entirely. Then Gunn posted an image from Kingdom Come. The DC Comic is known for the fight between the new and the old heroes. Could this be the direction DC Studios is going for?

Gunn has said nothing about a reboot. But then again, it does make some sense.

DC Movie Slate Announcement Coming Very Soon

James Gunn, DC Movie Slate, DC Universe, DC Studios

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James Gunn is planning to work on Peacemaker Season 2 and other spinoffs. That in itself is a spinoff from Suicide Squad, which again is part of the current DC Universe. Peacemaker has been very successful on HBO Max, so there seems to be no reason to cancel it.

Are they planning to keep what they like and remove what they don’t like? Based on what Randolph said, it seems that way. We don’t know what the plans are for films or TV shows after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Even with the current movies, we still keep hearing reshoots and editing for several of their upcoming films like The Flash and the Aquaman sequel. We barely even hear about Blue Beetle.

But James Gunn did mention a new Superman film that will focus on a younger version of the character. It’s a new movie that he is already writing. And it confirmed that Cavill wouldn’t be involved in the project.

So, for now, it’s just a lot of speculation. Definitely, many are excited. Many people hope it’s all good news when James Gunn announces the plans for the new DC Universe. Some may even be exhausted waiting. But it does seem the DC Universe will continue, not just the way we expected it.

By 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, followers and fans can expect the first announcement that will cover the new DC slate arrives. Whether it is the first of many or, so far, the only announcement, we will still have to see.

Although the reports do not indicate a specific site to look out for, we will, in turn, keep our eyes peeled for any updates and post them here as well.

What do you think of the upcoming announcement? What project are you looking forward to? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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