Doom Patrol Writers Planned For Season 4 To Be The Final Season


Even before the announcement of the cancellation of HBO Max’s Doom Patrol, the fourth season was supposedly its final run. This was revealed in an interview at Entertainment Weekly with actor Mark Sheppard in which he shares his thoughts about the show’s final season.

Just a week ago, it was announced that Doom Patrol and Titans were being cancelled. This was a surprise to many because just last month, Warner Bros Discovery said that they were done cancelling.

So, learning about this after the announcement, got some fans frustrated. Many even blamed James Gunn for the cancellation, but Gunn said that the show was already set to be cancelled before he even started working on DC Studios.

Mark Sheppard, who plays Willoughby Kipling in Doom Patrol, said that the fourth season was planned as its final season. In the show, Kipling is trying to get the team ready for the end of the world. With this, it seems that the showrunner, Jeremy Carver prepared for it.

Doom Patrol Season 4 was Planned as the Final Season

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The cancellation was not a sudden announcement for the cast and crew. Sheppard said:

Genuinely, I do know that Jeremy was prepared for this. So the end of Doom Patrol, season 4B, is really good. It’s really good as an ending.

This is not like other DC shows like Stargirl, where they shot two different endings with the hope that they can continue to another season. Or like Legends of Tomorrow, where it ended with a cliffhanger.

Although we don’t have details on how the season will end, we do know that the show was already shot and done back in August 2022. The first half of season four was shown just last December.

It’s also not impossible to see that the writers might have also planned more seasons. But had to prepare for the end it because of what was happening with Warner Bros Discovery.

Doom Patrol Writers Planned For Season 4 To Be The Final Season

Credit: HBO Max

Sheppard continued on saying his appreciation for working on the series:

We got four years of Doom Patrol out under the wire, and we made something beautiful. That was a joy. I mean, it was an absolute joy.

The show itself has had a good run, with generally positive reviews from season one up until the first half of season four. Some could even say that it has been one of the best DC shows to date. It’s not bad for a show that started as a Titans spinoff.

He also added that the show gave Brendan Fraser the spotlight:

And after season 1, everyone was asking: Why isn’t Brendan Fraser in everything? And it’s true, because he’s just so wonderful.

It’s been so long since we’ve seen him in anything. We did see him in a few TV projects like Condor and Trust. But he only shows up in a few episodes, neither can we deny that his participation in those contributed to his comeback.

Jeremy Carver planned Doom Patrol’s Final Season

Doom Patrol Writers Planned For Season 4 To Be The Final Season

Credit: HBO Max

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It was only when Brendan Fraser joined Doom Patrol that he got noticed again. Even if he’s just the voice of Robotman (who is played by Riley Shanahan), Fraser also shows up as Cliff Steele in flashbacks.

Sheppard continued:

If you put your heart into something, it doesn’t matter what it is. If you put your heart and your passion into something, it is its own reward.

Mark Sheppard has worked with Jeremy Carver before in the series Supernatural. In Supernatural, Carver worked as a showrunner from seasons 8 to 11. Carver also wrote 19 episodes of that show.

While it is sad news that Doom Patrol has been cancelled. It is good news that it seems that the people behind it were prepared for it and made a proper ending for fans to look forward to. Not only did the show do well, but it also did well for four seasons. Not a lot of shows can have that kind of good standing and last that long. So, it has been a good run.

What do you think of Doom Patrol’s fourth and final season? Are you looking forward to seeing how it all ends? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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