Dwayne Johnson Admits His Time As Black Adam Is Over


Dwayne Johnson admits his time as Black Adam is over in a cryptic message about guts over desire.

A report from The Direct interprets Johnson’s message on Instagram as a declaration of his defeat to be Black Adam in the DC Universe. It’s been a weird time for DC overall, especially after DC Studios head James Gunn told people he’d be writing a new Superman film without the Superman actor Henry Cavill.

It was a shock to many fans, even non-fans alike couldn’t believe the news. Especially after Henry Cavill showed up as the Man of Steel himself in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. The fight between Black Adam and Superman was to be the main event that was in the initial stages of the new DC Universe. And they intended for it to continue in the DC Universe altogether.

The Rock fought for Cavill to be back as Superman. He kept telling the world that the “hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.” Yup, it did change, alright. Just not in his favour, though.

The performance of Black Adam at the box office could be the main reason too. The film just didn’t meet Warner Bros Discovery’s expectations. With a $260 million budget, it needed more than $392 million that it got from its worldwide box office.

Henry Cavill has already announced that he’s not moving forward as Superman. No more Man of Steel sequels, possibly even cameos too. Not only that, but Johnson also released a statement that Black Adam is not part of the first chapter of the new DC Universe.

This must have been devastating for Johnson, especially since he’s been working for this for many years. To let go of a project that he was looking forward to. It must have been heartbreaking.

Is Dwayne Johnson Talking About Black Adam In Instagram Video?

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Just recently, he posted a video talking about guts to fail:

A thought I wanted to share with you guys. There’s a good friend of mine named Inky Johnson, you guys should follow him. He’s always got great perspective, grounding perspective. He keeps it raw. He keeps it real. He said something that was really profound that I feel ties into this whole thing: … he talked about having the guts to fail.

Inky Johnson is a famous motivational speaker with a wide range of high-profile clients like Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, AT&T Comcast, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and many more.

The mere mention of “ties into this whole thing” makes us wonder, what thing? So far, the only major thing that happened recently with Johnson is the movie and the whole quagmire of the DC Universe.

And the reason why I bring that back around to you guys is having the guts to fail compared to having the desire to be famous, having the desire to succeed.

Johnson has been accused of taking advantage of Henry Cavill to give him leverage and control over the DC Universe. However, there is no proof of this. People can also just see that Johnson is just being a friend and helping Cavill return as Superman.

But I have found in life, that the desire to become famous, the desire to succeed will never be as powerful as having the guts to fail. And I love that, because I look back at my own life, and around every corner, and still today– Look, I’m a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I’m 58,000 years old, but I still have that. And that’s my lead foot.

I’m just having the guts to fail, around every corner. And that leads my decisions. That allows me to take big swings. Get my ass kicked on some of them. Fail at some of them. But then, also succeed at some of them. So, I will always take guts over desire. Have a great week and let’s get after it. This is our year. 2023. Guts over desire.

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Is Over, Time To Move Forward


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In this short video, there is no mention of the former champion of the Wizard Shazam, or anything related to his projects. Only that there is this “thing” that made him fail.

The movie was supposed to jump-start the DC Universe. It was supposed to give Cavill’s version of Superman another chance. The film was supposed to be the one that would spin off the Justice Society.

I mean, there is a lot of potential in Johnson’s movie. We even gave it a review rating of 8/10, which is not bad. And our sources even reported to us that a Black Adam sequel script was already done. Unfortunately, it’s money that dictates the success of the continuation of a franchise.

We can presume that his post on Instagram is about that project as it is his latest to hit the theatres. Then again, The Rock’s message is sound and makes all sense to anyone going through some tough personal issues. With that said, to anyone who has failed, I do hope this message from the Rock helps get you through.

We do hope that the Rock’s next venture will prove more fruitful.

What do you think of Dwayne Johnson’s message? Is it about Black Adam, or is it something else?


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